Municipality of Aosta


August 19, 2022

The Municipality of Aosta (in French, Hôtel de ville d'Aoste) is a historic building that is the municipal seat of the city of Aosta, in Italy.


On the site occupied by the palace once stood a Franciscan monastery, called in French couvent des Cordeliers. This was demolished to make way for the new town hall and the square opposite. The palace, designed by the architect Michelangelo Bossi, was erected between 1835 and 1841.


The palace, of necolassic style, overlooks the Émile Chanoux square. The symmetrical façade is surmounted in the center by a large, richly decorated pediment. A portico runs along the ground floor of the building, at the base of which are positioned two sculptures representing the two rivers that lap the city: the Dora Baltea and the Buthier. On the roof of the town hall there is a clock on the western part and a sundial on the eastern one.

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