New world


July 5, 2022

New World or New Continent are expressions used to indicate America and the adjacent islands, in use since the sixteenth century. The continent was new to Europeans, for whom the world consisted only of the so-called Old World (or "Ancient Continent"), consisting of Africa, Asia and Europe.

Use of the term

Nowadays the term is generally used: in a historical context when talking about the European discovery of the Americas, as for example in the discussion on Spanish explorations, on Christopher Columbus, etc. in the description of groups of animals within biology: Old World organisms are those found in Africa, Eurasia and Australasia, while those of the New World are those found in the Americas. in relation to wine: to describe wines produced outside the traditional vine growing areas of Europe and North Africa, in particular for wines from North and South America, South Africa, and Oceania; to describe a type of wine popularized by New World producers. Note that while the Americas are always described as the "New World", Oceania and Antarctica are defined neither as Old World nor as New World, as these terms are earlier to their discovery by the Europeans. Sometimes the term "very new continent" is used for Oceania.


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