Renzo Arbore


July 5, 2022

Renzo Arbore, born Lorenzo Giovanni Arbore (Foggia, 24 June 1937), is a singer-songwriter, disc jockey, radio host, clarinetist, musician, showman, radio author, television author, television host, screenwriter, director, composer, actor and Italian talent scout. He is considered the first Italian disc jockey.


Renzo Arbore was born in Foggia on June 24, 1937, the son of a dentist and a housewife. As a child he lived the hard experience of the Second World War on his skin: the Apulian city was in fact the target of Allied bombings several times and the Arbore family therefore, like many other fellow citizens, was displaced in Abruzzo, in Chieti, which became a "city shelter" for the high number of displaced people from the various bombed places between Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia. After spending the summer of 1944 with a family from Francavilla al Mare (in the province of Chieti), the family was able to return to Foggia. Before graduating in Law at the Federico II University of Naples, he began to distinguish himself as a musician in Foggia, his hometown, in the historic Taverna del Gufo in the historic center and near Via Arpi, after having previously been , also clarinetist in the wake of a well-known Foggia jazz ensemble, the Parker's Boys orchestra. The debut on stage took place at the age of 18, in a dixieland band, in the city of Nocera Inferiore. He was interested in pop music and jazz. In 1964 he won a competition in Rai. Later he participated in the course of "master programmer of pop music". He met Gianni Boncompagni, who became his desk mate. For the state TV they dealt with variety broadcasts (Yellow Flag, High approval, The other Sunday, Dear friends near and far ..., Full back!); in 1996 he was artistic director of Radio RAI programs. In his multifaceted activity he has been successful in various fields: good musician and singer with the Italian Orchestra, radio and television host - the radio broadcasts, presented together with Gianni Boncompagni: Yellow Flag (1965), For You Young (1967) remain memorable. , Alto gradimento (1970) and televised: Special for you (1969-1970), a kind of trial for the singers of the period, L'altra Sunday (1976-1979), his first real success in which he created an alternative style live competition with the contemporary Domenica in di Corrado, Quelli della notte (1985), Back all the way! (1988) and Speciale per me, or the less we are the better we are (2005). He was also an actor and film director (Il pap'occhio, 1980; "FF.SS." - That is: "... what did you take me to do above Posillipo if you don't love me anymore?", 1983). Renzo Arbore together with Gianni Boncompagni was among the first ever to broadcast the Beatles songs on the radio, not considered suitable at the time by the RAI executives. He had the merit of discovering and launching new characters including Roberto Benigni, Gegè Telesforo, Giorgio Bracardi, Mario Marenco, Marisa Laurito, Nino Frassica, Milly Carlucci, Daniele Luttazzi and enhancing others such as Michele Mirabella, Luciano De Crescenzo and the Microband, the actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Nina Soldano, the TV presenters Luana Ravegnini and Ilaria D'Amico, the actor Francesco Paolantoni, the presenter Feliciana Iaccio, the singer Pietra Montecorvino. His experiences in the musical world began in 1972, with the "N.U. Orleans Rubbish Band" (where the dotted letters stand for "Nettezza Urbana"), which was composed, as well as by Arbore himself on clarinet, by Fabrizio Zampa on drums, Mauro Chiari on bass, Massimo Catalano on trombone and Franco Bracardi on piano; this group released a single, containing her She was not an angel and The stage boy, recorded for fun by the five. In 1991 he founded the Italian Orchestra, with fifteen great soloists to enhance the classic Neapolitan song