Rhinoglobes yongoceni


August 19, 2022

Rhinolophus yonghoiseni (Volleth & Heller, 2021) is a Bat of the Rhinolophid family endemic to the Malay Peninsula and Borneo.



Small bat, with the length of the forearm between 39.5 and 42.4 mm and a weight of up to 7.1 g.


The external appearance is very similar to R.sedulus. The karyotype is 2n 28.


It emits high duty cycle ultrasounds with constant frequency pulses of 67 kHz in the Malaysian Peninsula, 60.5 kHz and 64 kHz in Borneo.



It was observed in culverts.

Distribution and habitat

This species is widespread in the Malay Peninsula and in Borneo. It lives in the primary forests of Dipterocarpi.

Conservation status

This species, having been discovered only recently, has not yet been subjected to any conservation criteria.



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