Rogers Vacuum Tube Company


May 25, 2022

Rogers Vacuum Tube Company (formerly known as Radio Manufacturing Corporation Limited and originally as Standard Radio Manufacturing Corporation) was a company founded in 1925 by Edward Rogers (1900–1939) to sell Rogers radios, "batteryless" and with a technology based on the vacuum tube.


When Rogers decided to merge with Chicago's Majestic Corporation in 1928, it was renamed Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited and controlled both Rogers Radio Tube Company and Rogers Batteryless Radio Company. Joseph Elsworth Rogers (1898–1960), Edward's brother, was vice president of the company until 1939, when he became president, holding the post until 1960. The company founded Toronto CFRB AM radio to promote its invented product of the battery-free radio, as well as demonstrate the invention of a battery-free radio transmitter that used alternating current tubes. This made the CFRB the world's first all-electric radio station Edward Rogers died in 1939 and the company was sold in 1941 to Small Electric Motors Ltd. (which became a division of Royal Philips Electronics), which changed its name from Rogers Majestic Corporation Limited. to Standard Radio Ltd.


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