Romualdo Belloli


May 25, 2022

Romualdo Belloli (Scandiano, 6 December 1813 - San Ruffino, 25 October 1890) was an Italian painter and engraver. He was mainly an engraver and watercolorist and reproducer of classical works, including various canvases by Correggio.


Romualdo Nicola Maria Belloli was born on 6 December 1813, the second of the six children of Dr. Cristofaro Belloli and his wife Corona Cialdini; he is baptized in the church of Santa Maria di Scandiano by the archpriest Dionigi Lucchesini. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Mirandola and in 1821, after the failure of the Carbonari uprisings, his father was arrested and later convicted of conspiracy against the Duke of Modena Francesco IV; his wife and six children take refuge in Reggio Emilia with relatives; the family then reunited in Scandiano in 1826. During his adolescence Romualdo attended the secondary school at the Jesuit college in Reggio and, demonstrating a particular aptitude for drawing, he entered the local school of Fine Arts, where he studied under Prospero Minghetti and Giovanni Della Rocca and from which he was expelled in 1830. , together with two classmates, for having protested against the outcome of the school year end judgment. In 1832, he entered Paolo Toschi's studio in Parma; from mid-1842 to 1847 he was a guest in Paris by his elder brother Rinaldo and frequented the atelier of Louis Pierre Henriquel-Dupont; he then returned to his homeland, where he held teaching roles in Reggio, Milan and Florence and for over two decades he was director of the Art Institute of Reggio. Already around 1850 he begins to show the first symptoms of an eye disease that will force him to progressively reduce his artistic activity; he died in San Ruffino on 24 October 1890, at the age of 77.



Giovanni Prampolini, Romualdo Belloli: engraver, draftsman, 2004.

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