Serpent Music


July 5, 2022

Serpent Music is the second studio album by American musician Yves Tumor, released in 2016 by PAN.

Composition and publication

Serpent Music was recorded over a three-year period in Miami, Leipzig, Los Angeles and Berlin and was originally titled God Fearing. The album draws inspiration from some personal experiences lived by Tumor, from some spiritual themes and from the soul of Motown matrix that the artist's father used to play. Tumor preferred not to release Serpent Music on Bandcamp. PAN founder Bill Kouligas praised the album before it was finished. Subsequently, Serpent Music was released by that label. The album is an impressionistic collage featuring musical instruments, samples, and field recordings. In addition to soul, the record draws on ambient, pop, club music, psychedelia, and noise. Quietus' Eden Tizard believes that the defining feature of Serpent Music is "juxtaposition". In his review of the album he also declares that "it merges seemingly incompatible ideas: for a minute you can hear some screeching noise, and the next you get to a relaxed digital soul". In his article, Pitchfork's Andy Beta compares the style of Serpent Music with that of James Ferraro and Dean Blunt and believes that "(unlike Ferraro and Blunt) Tumor favors mysterious loops, and soul music refracted through emotion. cerebral and spongy noise. " The press release reported that Serpent Music was meant to be a soul record. Tumor asserted:


Metacritic gives Serpent Music a rating of 77/100 made up of the average of six different ratings, and reports that it has received "mostly favorable reviews". Pitchfork critic Andy Beta states that "despite his flaws, Yves Tumor's field recordings manage to give him an ambulatory atmosphere". According to Beta, "wandering in this music sometimes leads the listener into dead ends and incomplete paths, but at other times it allows him to get lost in a strange urban landscape where infinite gray and temporary blocks alternate with beautiful sparkles". Resident Advisor's Angus Finlayson argues that thanks to his lush guitars, frayed drum loops and his celestial falsetto (by Tumor), Serpent Music's is the most stark and tender music the artist has yet made "; Finlayson also reports that "The album may seem innocuous at first, but if you listen to it more carefully, you realize what you've gotten into." Tiny Mix Tapes' Rafael Lubner calls the album "a rough study of aggregate polarities" in which the songs "speaking as much in formal as in emotional terms, are never reducible to the singular [sound form]." Reviewing for The Quietus, Eden Tizard reports that "playing with the emotional themes of isolationism, loss and spirituality as opposed to the fixed perspectives of religions, the album somehow manages to balance direct emotion with the numb and indefinable. "Serpent Music was placed at number 13 on the list of and Noisey's "33 Best Albums of 2016". Michelle Lhooq declares that the music of Serpent Music is "as creepy and complex as the artist who created it. The tracks unfold on themselves several times, but the result is truly moving. It seems to paint a dreamlike landscape with streaks. hot with pure emotion ".


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Devout - 1:21 The Feeling When You Walk Away - 3:00 Dajjal - 2:57 Role in Creation - 2:11 Serpent I - 2:51 Serpent II - 3:12 Broke In - 4:30 (with Oxhy) Seed - 7:18 am Spirit in Prison - 4:06 Cherish - 2:53 Face of a Demon - 1:38 Perdition - 8:03 am


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