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August 19, 2022

Stephen Morris, born Stephen Paul David Morris (Macclesfield, 28 October 1957), is a British musician, best known as the drummer of the band New Order and, before that, of Joy Division, a group in which he played from 1977 until 1980. .


Born in Macclesfield, in the county of Cheshire, England, Morris attended the King's School, the school where he met Ian Curtis and where he began playing the drums, between 1973 and 1974. After some unsuccessful auditions with some local band, in July 1977, responds to an advertisement posted in a record shop (drummer wanted for local punk band Warsaw. Phone Ian / drummer wanted for local punk band Warsaw. Call Ian) was recruited into Warsaw (the future Joy Division ), the band that his fellow student Curtis had helped create and whose lineup also features Bernard Sumner on guitar and Peter Hook on bass.After changing several drummers, with the arrival of Morris, the group completed its lineup. definitive debuting, in the same year, with the release of the EP An Ideal for Living. With the release of their next first album Unknown Pleasures in June 1979, the band finally exploded in the UK, earning critical acclaim and British audiences. Morris will remain in Joy Division until their separation, which took place in 1980 following the suicide of singer Ian Curtis, releasing two studio albums with them, as well as a whole series of posthumous works. After the separation of the band, in 1981, together with the other members of the group (bassist Peter Hook and guitarist Bernard Sumner), Morris gave birth to New Order, a group with which, in addition to sitting behind the percussion, he also sees Morris debut in role of keyboard player. Together with New Order he released eight albums between 1981 and 2005 and sold millions of records worldwide. He will remain in the band until June 2007, the date of the announcement of the disbandment of the group which then, in 2011, reunited again, without Peter Hook. In addition to working with his main bands, over the years, Morris has occasionally collaborated , playing drums, with other bands. In 1986, for example, he played a couple of songs for Echo and the Bunnymen, at a time when they didn't have a full-time drummer and were recording their eponymous fifth album.


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