Mouse Trap (Christie)


November 27, 2021

Mousetrap is a detective comedy by Agatha Christie that the author drew from her short story Three blind mice, in turn derived from the radio-drama of the same name: the debut took place on 6 October 1952 in Nottingham and, after a tour in six other English cities, the staging arrived at the New Ambassadors Theater in London on the following 25 November, the day from which it remained on the bill continuously until 2020 - something for which since the seventies it has held the world record for the most represented show in the same theater It was the only example of drama performed, continuously every day, since its debut (first at Ambassadors, since 1974 in St Martin's theater). Performances were halted on March 16, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. .


The drama takes place in the family pension "Castel del Frate"; this environment is a normal English country house. Mollie and Giles Ralston receive their first five guests. But there is a very bad snowstorm going on. That same evening the Radio broadcasts the news of a murder that took place in Paddington, the victim an elderly woman and the police seem to be indifferent. In the meantime, some strange customers arrive at the hotel, each one seems to have something to hide, some secret perhaps linked to a bloody event that took place many years earlier. At one point the inn becomes isolated due to the blizzard and the telephone is also isolated, but before that happens, Sergeant Trotter of the Scotland Yard police arrives at the pension, on a mission to protect guests and hoteliers from a dark psychopathic killer intent on hit again. Soon after, one of the guests, Mrs. Boyle, is killed. Trotter investigates the killer and pits Mollie and Giles against each other, making both of them suspect that the other is having an extra-marital affair. Trotter thus has the crime scene reconstructed with the help of all the pension clients and, when he is alone with Mollie, he tries to kill her because he considers her guilty of the premature death of her brother, who died from the deprivations suffered by the elderly woman. who had died in Paddington. But with the intervention of Miss Casewell, who was Trotter's sister, and Major Metcalf, sent from Scotland Yard as a guesthouse client to protect Messrs. Ralston, Trotter will be disarmed and eventually arrested.


The drama takes place in a closed environment and has a small number of characters: Mollie, a twenty year old naive, courageous and decisively, clearly destined to an uncomfortable existence because of her decisive humanity; Giles, husband of Mollie, a classic square and serious young man, endowed with glorious confidence; Christopher Wren, awed by his own reality, but not by fantasy, nor by horror or art; Mrs. Boyle, a lover of respectability and maddening nuisance, who discovers flaws in whoever comes within range, obviously to hide her extreme squalor from herself; Miss Casewell, fraught, discontinuous, closed and not always captivating: a victim who bitterly struggles not to be; she always carried the newspaper with her: international New York Times. Signor Paravicini, equally problematic, but almost painfully extroverted, with a very sincere Christian spirit; Major Metcalf, mysterious retired major, Sergeant Trotter, Scotland Yard's mysterious police sergeant.


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