Dossena Trophy


July 3, 2022

The Angelo Dossena Trophy is a summer football tournament established in 1977 and reserved for the Primavera club teams. Clubs from other parts of the world also take part in the competition by invitation.

History and formula

The tournament was established in 1977 and took the name of Angelo Dossena, sports doctor with a degree in medicine, who was part of the medical staff of the Crema Calcio Association starting from 1952 and, where he also held the position of president from 1975 to 1977, promoting especially youth football. After his death on March 29, 1977, a youth event was promoted in his honor, dictated by the "Angelo Dossena" Trophy Organizing Committee, in collaboration with the A.C. Crema, in which I will take part in youth category teams.The first edition took place from 11 to 18 June 1977: the first winning team of the tournament was Pergocrema in the final against Atalanta, which over the years proved to be the most always blazoned with 6 titles in total. On 20 May 1985 Aldo Biscardi activates a live broadcast on Rai for his "Process" during which the calendar of the event is presented and the "Valentini" and "Marchesi" prizes awarded; the first match covered entirely by a TV link is the final of the 1999 edition, broadcast by Rai Sport Satellite. The first foreign teams to take part in the event are Nottingham Forest (which should have actually also participated in the previous edition, however giving up following the "Heysel" tragedy) and MTK Budapest, in 1986. The first foreign team to win the trophy was Dynamo Kiev, in 1989. The event is traditionally held during the month of June in Crema, but since 1997, the matches of the preliminary rounds have also taken place in other locations in the province of Cremona and in the nearby provinces of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia. The final of the 1997 edition is the first refereed by an international level whistle, Pierluigi Collina. The top scorer of the 2008 edition, Michele Marconi, is the best scorer in the history of the Trophy with 7 goals to his credit. The record for the highest number of goals scored in a match (13) belongs to Gremio, who in the 2009 edition beat Pergocrema 13-1. The first match of the "Dossena" broadcast in video streaming via the Internet was the final of the 2009 edition, between the National Lega Pro and the New York Magic. The current formula foresees that the 8 participating teams are divided into two groups of four teams each; for each group there are therefore three one-way matches; the first two teams classified in each group are admitted to the semifinals, with cross combinations. Finally, the semifinals and final take place on a single race. Atalanta is the team with the most appearances (31), and it is also the one with the most victories (6).

Roll of honor

Titles per team

The rewards

In 1984 the "Valentini" prize was established, in memory of the RAI journalist. Starting from the same edition, the "Marchesi" prize was awarded at the same time, in memory of his counterpart from Cremona. To these was later added the "Giavazzi" award (established in 1998 and awarded to the most combative player of the trophy).

The gunners

Holdings ranking

The following 54 clubs took part in the event only once: Aalborg, Atlético Madrid, Austria Vienna, Avellino, Barcelona, ​​Bari, Bellinzona, Cagliari, Cameroon, Cesena, Chiasso, Dinamo Bucarest, Dinamo Zagreb, D. Texotlicuauhtollo, Espanyol, Bahia , HB Køge, Internacional, Japan University Football Association, King Faisal, Koper, Lazio, Lecce, Lechia Danzica, Lugano, MTK Budapest, Ghana, Ukraine, Romania, Necaxa, Nottingham Forest, NY Magic, Palmeiras, Rangers, Rapid Vienna, Representative of the USA, Real Madrid, Real Salvador, Reggiana, River