Ugone II of Arborea


January 24, 2022

Ugone II of Arborea (... - Sardara, 5 April 1335) was Judge of Arborea from 1321 to his death in 1335.


Ugone was the illegitimate son of Judge Mariano III of Arborea and Padulesa de Serra. When King James II of Aragon was invested with the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica by Pope Boniface VIII, in exchange for the Aragonese renunciation of the Kingdom of Sicily, Ugone II supported his claims. Therefore Ugone II became a vassal of James II, in the hope of being able to expand his control over the whole of Sardinia, as governor in place of the Aragonese-Catalan Crown. To this end, Ugone II witnessed the conquests of the future king Alfonso IV of Aragon in 1323 and then in 1324 the expulsion of the Republic of Pisa. In particular, after Alfonso's landing in Palmas, Ugone supported him in the siege of Villa di Chiesa and was also present at the fall of Castro of Cagliari. Ugone died of illness on April 5, 1335.


Ugone married Benedetta (died about 1345). They had nine children: Pietro III of Arborea, his successor Mariano IV d'Arborea, successor of his older brother Bonaventura (died 1375) married to Pere de Xèrica, baron de Xèrica and descendant of James I of Aragon Francis, canon of Urgel Maria (died 1392), married to Guillem Galceran de Rocabertí Giovanni (died 1376), who rebelled against his brother Mariano and was imprisoned Nicola (died after 1370), canon of Lleida and Salisbury, grandfather of Leonardo Cubello, from whom Leonardo Alagon will descend Ugone also had illegitimate children: Lorenzo, then legitimized in 1337 Angiolesa Precious



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