Additron valve


May 25, 2022

The additron was a valve designed by engineer Josef Kates around 1950, to replace the individual electronic valves and supporting components required to perform the function of a single full-adder digital bit. Dr. Kates developed the Additron with the intention of increasing the chances of success and reliability while reducing the size, power consumption and complexity of the University of Toronto Electronic Computer (UTEC) The Additron however did not go into production. at Rogers Vacuum Tube Company, where prototypes were built, nor was it used in UTEC, making only a widely publicized appearance at the company pavilion at the 1950 Canadian National Exhibition, inside the Bertie the Brain computer , to show the wonders of electronic computing. The valve patent was filed with the Radio Television Manufacturing Association on March 20, 1951 (with code 6047).


(EN) US2784312, United States Patent and Trademark Office, United States of America.