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Friday is the day of the week between Thursday and Saturday. The name derives from the Latin Venĕris dies, day of Venus, goddess of love, aesthetics, and harmony. In other languages ​​ The English name Friday and the German Freitag derive from the Germanic goddess name Freia, a divinity with some correspondence with the Latin Venus and to whom Friday was sacred. In Portuguese the name is sexta-feira, from the liturgical Latin feria sexta, as in this country the Christian reform of the names of the days of the week, for which the week starts from Sunday, has supplanted the names dedicated to divinities. Another exception in the novel panorama is constituted by the Sardinian, whose term chenàpura derives from the Latin cena pura with reference to the food prepared by the Jews on the eve of the following day.

Related holidays

Related to the great religions are the following Fridays: Good Friday: Two days before Easter, Christianity remembers the death of Jesus. Islamic Friday: for Islam, Friday is the holy day when people go to mosques for prayer. Jewish Friday: at sunset on Friday the Jewish Shabbath begins, which lasts until sunset of the following day.In Christian tradition, Friday, being the day of Jesus' death, requires the faithful to respect certain rules, food and otherwise, such as abstinence from meat.

Fridays in tradition and mass culture

The Romans, in imperial times, established Friday as the day to pay taxes and carry out death sentences. In the Catholic tradition, Friday is a day of abstinence and fasting, in memory of the death of Jesus Christ. According to a widespread superstition in Christian countries, Friday is an ominous day. In certain cultures, dates Friday 13 or Friday 17 are considered particularly unfortunate. On the other hand, there are those who considered Friday to be a lucky day regardless of the date of the calendar in which it fell: the navigator Christopher Columbus, for example, set sail from the port of Palos on a Friday. For the Sicilians, on the other hand, a person born on Friday is a "vinnirinu" (which can be translated into "Friday"), and he will be a brave and lucky man.


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