Wikimedia Meta-Wiki


October 20, 2021

Wikimedia Meta-Wiki (also called Meta) is the wiki used by the Wikimedia Foundation to coordinate its projects.


Founded in November 2001 under the name of Meta-Wikipedia, it now plays the following roles: Discuss the wording of the Wikimedia projects. Be a forum for personal essays, not necessarily NPOV. Preparation of content for other projects. Coordination for the development process. To be a guide to the use of the software MediaWiki.Meta is, currently, one of the main places of discussion for all Wikimedians (but also of Wikipedians, Wikisourcians etc.). Meta is an autonomous and independent project and therefore has its own policies. Unlike the original version of the site on the English Wikipedia, Meta has become a multilingual work site used by contributors to various Wikimedia Foundation projects. Meta uses the MediaWiki software.

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