November 28, 2021

Wikinews is the multilingual project of the Wikimedia Foundation which aims to be a source of topical news to which anyone can contribute. Its mission is to "create a heterogeneous environment where wiki-journalists can spread news on a wide range of current events". Unlike other Wikimedia projects, the contents of Wikinews are largely accessible through the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. The Italian language edition, launched on March 31, 2005, hosts more than 8,000 articles by 2017. The English language edition, as of 2017, contains more than 21,000.


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Wikinews contains current news on Wikinews Wikimedia Commons contains images or other files on Wikinews

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Wikinews on Meta-Wiki (list of all languages ​​of Wikinews) The main page of the English version The main page of the Italian version (Wikinews)

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