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October 20, 2021

Helping Wikipedia is simple and there are many ways to do it. In short, to contribute and disseminate. This service page was created to collect some information on what is needed so that this project can always evolve over time. Essential for this to happen is to respect the Wikiquette (and maybe read something on the WikiLove).


If you have experience of a topic or if you know it better than many others (for example your city) add new content, creating it. To know how to do it, read "how to write an entry" (and remember: Wikipedia is not a dictionary) Or expand the contents of the entries you find (the pages most in need of help are the "sketches" and those "to help") or the lists (and scientific terms) you find around (mushrooms, animals, plants, molluscs, discographies, etc.). Correct any errors. If you chew some language (apart from yours) translate the equivalent voice present in one of the other versions (English, French, Chinese, Basque, Polish, etc.) or search here for the voices whose translation is still incomplete. Look for the equivalent entry in the other languages ​​and add the interlinks (or wikilinks) in Search the equivalent entries in other languages ​​for images, and insert them in the text, if you think fit. If you are already browsing on, report the sketches (short, very short, too short entries), a non-neutral voice or a voice to wikify. You can also report a disruption. Help other Wikipedians. Finally, if you still have doubts, see What to put on Wikipedia.


If you are a teacher, integrate both the use of and the collaboration in the project into your teaching (don't forget the idealistic aspect of the project) by contacting the Schools Project. If you are a webmaster, insert a banner on your site (see here), or host a Wikipedia mirror if you have enough space and bandwidth.


Going into detail:

New content

If browsing our archive, it seems to you that concepts, topics, details are missing, do not hesitate to add them! The new pages, possibly more detailed, will help us grow. It is not necessary to be a registered user to write an entry.


If browsing our archive, you find any inaccuracies or errors, do not hesitate to correct them! From typo, to syntactic error, to oversight or forgetfulness, many things can happen to all Users while writing something in this encyclopedia. So, put in place as soon as possible what has escaped ... key, and improve the previous contribution. Also for this it is not necessary to be a registered user.


If you are thinking of a text that would look good on, but which is covered by copyright, contact those who own these rights and ask for permission to publish it on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not for profit, has the sole purpose of knowledge and study, it can allow the mention of the concession received. Warning: these permissions are generally granted much more easily than you think: many authors are pleased that their texts are appreciated by those who are driven by a true love of knowledge ...

Help the Wikipedians

The Wikipedians, especially the new ones, very much need to be helped to take their first steps within our project.

Help new users

It is necessary to have a lot of patience in explaining, step by step, that we have given ourselves rules of correctness and comprehensibility (as well as communication) within It is also necessary to help develop concepts in a complete form that sometimes some take for granted are understandable even in a ... hermetic form. Our goal is to grow, enhancing the contributions of users - even those not registered - and placing them in a position to operate at their best. Help i

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