Wikipedia: Embassy


October 20, 2021

The Wikipedia Embassy is the embassy that the Italian language Wikipedia makes available to Wikipedians for coordination between the versions of our encyclopedia in the various languages. The Wikipedia project is polyglot, with existing versions in over 290 languages, with major work in progress and much more to do. The Wikipedia Embassy is therefore a place of reference and meeting, as well as a reservoir of resources for problems in the relationship between the various languages, such as problems related to linguistic differences, extension of rules and policies and coordination of links between pages on the same topics in different languages.

The mailing list

The Wikipedia-l mailing list is open to all Wikipedians of all languages ​​and nationalities. The main language is English, but all languages ​​are welcome. Someone will try to translate if necessary (bilingual messages would be ideal).


A Wikipedia ambassador should keep an eye on the Embassy and the project's language problems mailing list (Wikipedia-l) and the English mailing lists WikiEN-l and Wikitech-l on topics of common interest to communities that represent. The ambassador should also pay attention to local issues and ideas that may prove to be of general interest. The updated list of ambassadors can be found on meta: Wikipedia Embassy.

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