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October 20, 2021

Just Room Enough

The smallest inhabited island in the world. It is practically a house that floats on water. Proposed by --AnticoMu90 (msg) 08:14, 7 oct 2021 (CEST) Favorable Evaluation The fact that you report little information perhaps increases the curiosity even more. I wonder how people live on such an island-home ... --Daniele Pugliesi (msg) 22:08, 7 Oct 2021 (CEST) Favorable It seems to me quite curious. If it were possible to find more information it would be even better. -X3SNW8 (msg) 13:18, 8 Oct 2021 (CEST) Uncertain The theme is curious and in line with the rubric but I have 2 perplexities: 1) The text is excessively thin (in particular, there are no references to water level control) and what little there is seems "stretched" with considerations of little relevance color (which in fact are not present in the version in spite of having the same 3 sources) 2) A revision is needed because part of the prose is absolutely not suitable for an encyclopedia (Little is there to say about the history of this island if not that ...) - StefBiondo 15:46, 9 Oct 2021 (CEST) Uncertain / in I agree with Stefanobiondo. I add that there are repeated parts. --Solar Midday (msg) 15:57, 9 Oct 2021 (CEST) Favorable Voice certainly curious, although I agree with Stefanobiondo that it should be fixed a bit - TrinacrianGolem (msg) 15:58, 9 Oct 2021 (CEST) Contrary / a An encyclopedic text cannot begin with "There is little to say about the history of this island" ... Then various concepts are repeated, in order to elongate the voice. Shouldn't the translation of "Just Room Enough" be "just enough for a room" rather than "just enough space"? --RiccardoP1983 (tell me everything) 17:00, 9 Oct 2021 (CEST) On this last point, I wouldn't say. To be "just enough for a room" the phrase would have to be something like "just enough for a room", with the subject implied. Instead in "just room enough" room is the subject. And in general, room can mean room or even space. - Postcrosser (msg) 17:15, 9 Oct 2021 (CEST) Comment: I don't understand if there is consensus or not - Mauro Tozzi (msg) 08:45, 15 Oct 2021 (CEST) Comment: I have standardized the "History" paragraph. Now I am looking for some information online to insert into the text, but I doubt there is much more to add. A similar problem had the entry Gate Tower Building, which is just as short, but it passed anyway .-- AnticoMu90 (msg) 11:42, 15 Oct 2021 (CEST) Opposite Beyond the suggestive photo, the reading of the entry arouses very little interest.Moreover, the greatest element of curiosity, namely the alleged record quoted in the incipit, is not attested in the note 1 cited in support, nor by the contents of the others Note. Finally, the requirements to be defined as an Island do not coincide: note 1 and 4 show a tree while note 2 shows two trees .-- Flazaza (msg) 12:03, 15 Oct 2021 (CEST) Comment: Now the voice is longer and better structured [@ RiccardoP1983], [@ Stefanobiondo]. I hope you can now change your opinion to "favorable" after my last speeches. - AnticoMu90 (msg) 12:08, 15 Oct 2021 (CEST) You have done your best and the voice has certainly improved, but like others I do not find it appropriate to write in the incipit that it is considered "the smallest in the world" if it is then denied in the text and I still find it too thin with thick information . If it is so difficult to find some to broaden the voice, perhaps it is not as curious as it seemed to me. --StefBiondo 09:39, 16 Oct 2021 (CEST) [← Return] [@ Stefanobiondo] in fact it is the smallest inhabited island in the world, not the smallest island in the world. - AnticoMu90 (msg) 15:24 , Oct 16 2021 (CEST) Yes, you're right, the distinction escaped me. --StefBiondo 16:15, 16 Oct 2021 (CEST) Comment: I am the author of the entry. The record for the smallest inhabited island in the world is now attested in the first reference. Regarding the objections mo

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