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October 20, 2021

If you are a webmaster and want to link to Wikipedia, you can use the banners and graphics presented on this page, or create new banners or buttons and post them here. For, the Italian language Wikipedia, don't forget to point the links to: You can also insert a bar that allows your visitors to search Wikipedia entries directly from your site. Attention: Logo and trademark are property of the Wikimedia Foundation and are not published under the GFDL or CC-BY-SA license. If you intend to create a new image, start here, but don't alter the globe (see also the official guidelines). When uploading to Wikipedia insert the template {{CopyrightByWikimedia}}, if instead you insert the image directly on your site a similar specification is equally necessary. Even simple text links to Wikipedia entries are welcome and allowed, and clearly do not require prior authorization; remember that no type of link to the free encyclopedia must however suggest any endorsement of you, your site or your activities. Remember that it is allowed to use the logo to link to us, review us etc., while for all other uses, including commercial ones, it is mandatory to contact Wikimedia Italia or the Wikimedia Foundation (see also the article Licensing at the Wikimedia Foundation on the matter).

Search bar

Add this module to your HTML page to integrate Wikipedia search into your site:
You have to add the graphic embellishments yourself, and of course it signals that the search is on Wikipedia.

Banner in alphabetical order

By Amaro

By AmonSûl

By Charger

By Cemg

By CNetwork


By Iron Bishop

By Luca3

By lonzi

(It's recommended: this banner with built-in misspelling excellently represents the reality of Wikipedia)

By Mmario

By / \ / \ π

By PupyFaki

(The Wikipedia symbol has been purposely cut in half and cross-checked to indicate that this magnificent encyclopedia should not be damaged)

By -Sky-

By Superdariomaster96

By TwisterSprint

By Wizz


Buttons in alphabetical order

By Aangelo

By LBreda

By lopez

By mroselli

By Paolopal

By Celery

By Wizz

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By Wizz