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October 18, 2021

The Wikipedians - see the description - are the users who collaborate in the Wikipedia project by writing and modifying its entries. Anyone can, in seconds, be a Wikipedian: just start collaborating. Although each user has his own areas of interest, it is always and in any case important to remember that on Wikipedia one is generally anonymous and in any case there are no "experts", but only reliable and third-party sources on which to base all one's contributions. From the self-interviews you can learn more about some of them who have decided to describe themselves. Registered users among all multilingual projects are constantly increasing, and to these are added the numerous contributions of unregistered users (generally called "anonymous users" as they do not have a username). There are 2 173 361 registered on and their complete list is shown in Special: Users. For statistical information on Wikipedia and its users, see en: Wikipedia: Statistics (in English) or this page: [1]. Partly out of joke and partly so as not to ... take itself too seriously, an ironic page is active that collects various polls, and a page on jokes and jokes ... If you are a Wikipedian and you believe that Wikipedia absorbs too much of the your time, do not miss to participate in the test: "Do you consider yourself a wikidependent?". When the Wikipedians still involved in the student arena want to talk about their experience, it may happen that the Wikipedia project ends up in the pages of a degree thesis, see Wikipedia: Degrees.

Wikipedians for groups

The extreme heterogeneity of the people who collaborate on Wikipedia makes an exhaustive typological subdivision complicated. Freely inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, he remembers that, in a strange Chinese encyclopedia, "... it is written that the Wikipedians are divided into (a) subjects of the Emperor, (b) embalmed, (c) trained, (d) infants , (e) sirens, (f) fabulous, (g) strays, (h) included in this classification, (i) frolicking like crazy, (j) countless, (k) drawn with a very fine brush of camel, (l) etc., (m) who have broken the vase, (n) who from a distance look like vandals. " (from John Wilkins' analytic idiom) However, an attempt at classification is made here without claiming to be exhaustive: browsing through the following lists it is possible to get an idea of ​​some Wikipedians. You can be included in the different sections by freely entering your username: Wikipedians musicians Simpsons-loving Wikipedians Wikipedians motorists Biker Wikipedians Wikipedians walkers Wikipedians photographers Amateur radio wikipedians Wikipedians blogger Wikipedians BookCorsari Wikipedians cyclists Wikipedians football fans Wikipedians gattòfili Canine Wikipedians Wikipedians trekkers Wikipedians by field of interest Wikipedians by image Wikipedians by country Wikipedians by Italian region of residence Wikipedians not residing in Italy Wikipedians for first contribution Wikipedians by day of birth Wikipedians by day of birth / Wishes Wikipedians by year of birth Lost traces of Wikipedians In addition to these lists, there is also the category Wikipedians by language. If you want to add yourself to the language categories, on Wikipedia: Babel you will find the instructions to add the Babelbox to your user page.


Finally, every good Wikipedian - whenever he is about to insert some contribution - should not forget, especially in the absence of inspiration, to raise his own personal wiki-prayer (freely inspired by the prayer of Serenity - see also Serendipity): I could... have the serenity to accept the pages that I know I cannot write have the strength to write what I know I can write have the ability to distinguish between the two Mottoes (unofficial): I should work instead of st

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