October 20, 2021

Wikivoyage / ˌvɪkivwaˈjaːʒ / is a free online world travel guide written by volunteers and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation; intends to be a reliable resource with free content, updated by voluntary users ("wikivoyager") from different parts of the world. Its name is the combination of the words wiki ("quick" in Hawaiian) and voyage ("journey" in French and English).


The Wikivoyage project was born in 2006 as a fork of a similar previous project called Wikitravel, launched in 2003. Disagree with the sale of the Wikitravel site to a commercial company - Internet Brands active in the e-commerce sector - in September 2006 German-speaking and then Italian-speaking users of Wikitravel decided to migrate the contents, founding the German association Wikivoyage eV and putting the Wikivoyage site online from December 10, 2006. The Italian version was inaugurated exactly one year later, that is, December 10, 2007. The Wikivoyage e.V. association, based in Halle on the Saale in Germany, was founded to ensure a non-profit approach to the project. In 2012, the proposal was born among Wikitravel users to move all their content and their editing activities, bringing everything together with Wikivoyage in a new project hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. At the basis of the proposal was the dissatisfaction of the users caused by a hosting service judged not up to par, the lack of updates and technical support, the excessive presence of advertising and the interference by Internet Brands in the activities of the community. Almost all Wikitravel administrators and bureaucrats decided to move to Wikivoyage. Internet Brands firmly opposed the migration by accusing Wikimedia of infringing a registered trademark and engaging in unfair competition, threatening legal action against individuals and Wikimedia. Migrating content however is an operation permitted by the Creative Commons license used by Wikitravel, so in August 2012 the content was downloaded to a database dump which formed the basis for merging with Wikivoyage. Since 2012 Wikivoyage is part of the shortlist of projects hosted and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation.


Like Wikipedia, Wikivoyage also uses the free MediaWiki software which allows users to modify the contents of the site, expanding, correcting and updating what has been written previously by others; changes to the texts can be made by both registered users and anonymous users.

Distribution License

Wikivoyage distributes its content under the free Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license. This makes its content usable by anyone for any purpose (commercial and non-commercial) under the terms of the license, as well as interchangeable with other Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia. It can also be read and navigated offline using the free Kiwis application, based on open source and non-proprietary wiki software.


The very first Wikivoyage logo (consisting of a simple Wiki Voyage writing with a red check mark replacing the "V") was created in December 2006 by German users Hansm and Unger. With the entry of Wikivoyage in the shortlist of projects by the Wikimedia Foundation, it was decided to change the logo. In October 2012, an ideas competition was launched; from among the 41 proposals, the proposal of a globe wrapped in two arrows was chosen, one moving clockwise and one anti-clockwise. These two arrows and the two bands at the two poles of the globe show the colors of the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki logo. A second phase, during which it was possible to suggest changes to the winning logo, ended on 8 December 2012, keeping the logo unchanged. Subsequently, among many proposals, the font of the writing that would be was chosen

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