Wilhelm Friedemann Bach


November 28, 2021

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (Weimar, 22 November 1710 - Berlin, 1 July 1784) was a German composer and organist, first son of Johann Sebastian Bach.


Nicknamed the Bach of Halle, Johann Sebastian's first son and lastly, choirmaster of the Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt; was born in Weimar in 1710, learned the principles of music both on the harpsichord and on the organ and was instructed in the art of composition by his illustrious father, showing, already early in the day, that he was not unworthy of being the son. He continued his studies in 1725 with the lessons that Graun, then concert master in Merseburg and later in Berlin, gave him on the violin. He applied himself, at the same time, to the school of St. Thomas, to the other sciences with equal ardor and studied law and mathematical sciences at the University of Leipzig. In 1733 he was called to Dresden as organist of the church of Saint Sophia, continuing the study of mathematics, under the guidance of the scholar Walz, practicing mainly algebra. He passed from there, in 1747, as music director and organist, to the church of Our Lady of Halle, but left that post in 1767, residing for some time in Leipzig. He later lived in Braunschweig from 1771 and in Gottingen from 1773, then went to Berlin, where he lived the last years of his life, with the title of choirmaster but without employment. He died in extreme misery on 1 July 1784.

Artist Considerations

He was, in the judgment of his contemporaries, the most profound organist, the fugue player, the most skilled musician in all of Germany, and, at the same time, a highly respected mathematician. It is surprising, therefore, that such a great virtuoso, despite his art and his knowledge, had so little luck in placing his works and that he was forced, in the last seventeen years of his life, to live without employment. , of the help given to him by his friends. One of Forkel's correspondents gave us, in truth, a reason that would seem very valid for all this, in the almanac of music of the year 1784, quoting Lessing's phrase "The virtuoso must expect neither honor nor profit, when he has past the point where the merit begins to blur and darken in the eyes of the multitude ». But whatever happened in this case, it should be pointed out that when it came to invoking the aid of the public for the publication of his works, the musician himself was his own first enemy. His shadowy character prevented him from attracting the benevolence of his contemporaries.


Symphonies Symphony in C major for strings F 63 Symphony in D min for orchestra F 64 Symphony in D min for orchestra F 65 Symphony in F major for strings F 67 Symphony in G major for orchestra F 68 Symphony in G major for strings F 69 Symphony in A major for orchestra F 70 Symphony in B flat major for strings F 71 Symphony in D min for strings and b. c. F66 (sought after) reworking of two lost fugues, by an unknown composer Concerts Concerto in A min F 45 (Leipzig 1733) Concerto in D major F 41 (Dresden 1746) Concerto in F major Concerto in E flat major F 42 Concerto in E min F 43 Concerto in E flat major for 2 clav and orch F 46 Concerto in G major for clav solo F 40

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