American Football


May 20, 2022

American football (English: American football) is a type of football, a sport (ball game) in which two teams compete for points using an oval ball. Abbreviation is American football or American football. Also known as a US-style soccer ball or an armor ball.



As the name suggests, it is a football that is popular in the United States, and when we simply say "football" in the United States, it is common to refer to American football. In areas other than North America, it is often referred to as American football for the sake of avoiding confusion with other football such as soccer. In Australia, it is also called gridiron football (en: gridiron football). "Gridiron (cooking)" (en: Gridiron (cooking)) means a gridiron, which is a name given to the fact that the white line every 5 yards of the field resembles a gridiron. In Japan, it is commonly called football or abbreviated as American football, but American football is also used, and it is not unified even in the same news media. In the past, Amerag (short for American Rugby) and he was also called American and is rarely used. In Japanese notation, it is written as an American-style kick ball, which is a literal translation of American football, or an armor ball because it is equipped with armor-like equipment. Although it is easy to be confused, "A-style kick ball" refers to association football (soccer).

Similarities / differences with other sports

American football is classified as a football that kicks the ball and scores, and has common elements such as using an oval ball and stopping the opponent's advance with a tackle because it originates from old rugby, but the rules are different from each other. Since it has been changed many times, in modern times, the basic competition characteristics are different. Features and comparisons with other sports are shown below. The specific rules will be described in detail in the section on matches and rules. Each of the two teams is clearly divided into an offensive side (offense) that secures the ball and a defensive side (defense), and the game progresses. Except in special cases, the only opportunity to score is on the attacking side. A free shift system is adopted, and even players who have been replaced once can participate in the play again, so players can be significantly replaced by offense and defense. As with rugby, players with a large physique are basically advantageous, but for the above reasons, the roles and aptitudes such as power, speed, stamina, and catching power according to the position are clear, and the players are almost their own roles. It is a professional player who specializes in. Basically, all plays are set pieces, and one play starts from a stationary state where both teams face each other, and the play ends when the ball stops advancing due to a tackle or the like. One play ends within about 10 seconds, and the partition is re-partitioned to start the next play. The game progresses by accumulating such short plays. The time is fixed for the entire game (60 minutes in regular terms), and a timekeeping method is adopted in which the time is counted down according to the rules of flowing and stopping the time finely determined by the rules. Therefore, the match is over when the official time reaches zero. It is also called a sport that competes with watches. I won the end of the game