December 7, 2021

The Wikimedia Foundation (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.) is the foundation that operates and is the parent of Wikipedia. It was founded by Jimmy Wales, a non-profit organization (non-profit corporation) under Florida law, and one of the founders of Wikipedia. The name Wikimedia was coined from Wiki and multimedia by the name of English Wikipedia participant Sheldon Lampton. The "Wikipedia Foundation" is wrong. The purpose of the foundation is to promote a project to develop open content intellectual resources using wikis, and to provide the resources to the public widely, free of charge and without advertising. In addition to running the multilingual encyclopedia Wikipedia, it also supports the multilingual dictionary and thesaurus Wiktionary, the Wikiquart collection of slogans, and the Wikibooks, an e-book collection mainly for students. For projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation, see #Wikimedia Foundation Projects. Often misunderstood, the Foundation is not concerned with discussions about the content of each project or individual operational policies, except when it involves policies or legal action common to all projects, and of each project. There is no representative.

Wikimedia Foundation project

Most of the content posted on the Wikimedia Foundation website is licensed under a Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Non-Portable, a license that allows free redistribution. These contents are constructed from materials that have little or no copyright restrictions due to volunteer contributions, the public domain, and so on. The following projects are collectively called the Wikimedia project.

Content projects

The Wikimedia Foundation, which is pursuing a free content model, operates 11 types of wikis, including the familiar Wikipedia. If you introduce them in order of release date, it will be as follows. (Alexa's rankings are all as of March 18, 2021.)

Project behind the scenes

In addition to the 11 projects listed above, there are projects that support content. For example, the Outreach Project provides guidelines for promoting the use of Wikimedia projects. It is shown below.


The highest decision-making body of the Wikimedia Foundation is a board of directors with 10 members as of 2019. One is the founder frame. A chair for Jimmy Wales, the founder and first deputy director. The two will be selected from the Wikimedia Chapter and Wikimedia Thematic Organizations. The three are nominated by the Wikimedia community. Four people are appointed by the board of directors according to their specialty. Members of the board can be found on the Foundation page, and past board members can be found on the Wikimedia Foundation. The Board has the final say on the Foundation and the project and has the power to change the Articles of Incorporation.


The Wikimedia Foundation is not a member. The membership system is described in the articles of incorporation before 2006, but it has not been realized. Fixed before this revision

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