Astralium haema


November 28, 2021

Astralium haema is a snail belonging to the family Turbinidae. The shell is a cone with a shell height of about 2 cm and is an ivory color with a pale pinkish purple tinge. Protrusions are lined up at the bottom of the screw layer. The bottom of the shell is densely carved with fine ribs, and the lips are purple. The lid is purple and calcareous and beautiful. It inhabits rocky reefs at a depth of 20 m from the intertidal zone south of Awashima (Niigata Prefecture) and south of the Boso Peninsula. Compared to other snails, it is less likely to be preyed on by octopus, and it appears on the surface of the reef without hiding even during the day, so the daily travel distance is short. Fossil Astralium haema has been found in the Miocene strata of Mizunami City


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