Shrimp fryer


November 28, 2021

Fried shrimp is a word that expresses fried shrimp in the Nagoya dialect style. The pronunciation of the endings such as "-myaa" that remains in the ears of the Nagoya dialect is teased. This expression was invented by the talent Tamori in the early 1980s, and became widespread as a mockery of Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, or as an image that "fried shrimp is often eaten in Nagoya." Around 1980, there was no awareness that fried shrimp was a specialty of Aichi and Nagoya, and it is said that no one called it "fried shrimp" on a daily basis. After that, the food and beverage industry paid attention to the tendency to mistake fried shrimp for Nagoya's specialty, and many new menus were created. The monthly magazine "Shio" points out that Japanese brand orientation, authoritarianism, and sadaejuui are caricatures.


Nagoya and Tamori

From the entertainment world debut to the 1980s, the talent Tamori gained popularity among young people as a poisonous tongue personality of the radio program "Tamori's All Night Nippon", which he himself serves as a personality. Was set up to solicit laughter material from listeners, and all parts of the country were targeted for laughter. She began to show interest in Nagoya from the latter half of the 1970s, and she regarded the Nagoya people's "good-looking" and "frugal" spirits as crap and laughed at them. In particular, he expressed interest in the Nagoya Olympics concept, in which Nagoya ran for the host city of the 1988 (1988) Summer Olympics. He called for "Nagoya Olympics crushing" in various places. Under these circumstances, Tamori developed a national tour entitled "Radical Hystery Tour" in 1981 (Showa 56), with the Nagoya University School Festival (Meidai Festival) on June 11 and June the following day. The first performance in Nagoya was held at the Aichi Kinro Kaikan on the 12th, and the audience was exposed to various Nagoya stories, but the venue closed with a friendly mood. On the other hand, Tamori was broadcast one hour after the IOC general meeting when it failed to invite the Olympics after losing to Seoul by a large margin in the vote of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) general meeting held in Baden-Baden, West Germany on September 30 of the same year. In "Tamori's All Night Nippon," he said in front of many reporters who packed into the Nippon Broadcasting Studio. In this broadcast, Tamori said, "If it was decided to go to Nagoya, it would have been connected by Nagoya material for seven years. In that sense, (the bid failure) was an unfortunate event for both Nagoya and himself." I came to suppress the criticism of Nagoya.

Birth and spillover of coined words

In addition to criticizing the Nagoya Olympics, Tamori has long been "(Nagoya) has a unique complex between Tokyo and Osaka," "Nagoya dialect has a dirty sound," "Nagoya dialect in mya-mya cat language," and "Nagoya station." When I got down to Nagoya, I heard the barking of a cat. "" Go, Nagoya, everyone is saying "Mya Amya," and the whole city seems to be in estrus. " The reason why he became interested in fried shrimp was greatly influenced by Tamori's friend Shinpei Asai, a photographer from Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, through conversations with Asai and exchanges with entertainers who are from Nagoya and love shrimp. It inflated a vague image. In addition, in Asai's testimony

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