May 29, 2022

Netherlands Nederland Country slogan: Je Maintiendrai (French) Ik zal handhaven (Dutch) (Translation: I, I will continue to protect) National Anthem: Wilhelmus van Nassouwe (Dutch) Wilhelmus van Nassouwe The Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland pronunciation [ˈneːdərlɑnt], [ˈneɪ̯dərlɑnt] (voice file), West Frisian: Nederlân, Papiamento: Hulanda) is a constitutional monarchy located in Western Europe. It borders Germany in the east and Belgium in the south, and faces the North Sea in the north and west. Together with Belgium and Luxembourg, it is called Benelux. The constitutional capital is Amsterdam (the de facto capital is The Hague). Together with Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten in the Caribbean, it constitutes the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In addition, there are Bonaire Island, Sint Eustatius Island, and Saba Island, which are called BES Islands as overseas special autonomous territories in the Caribbean Sea. The Netherlands is one of the top countries in the world for freedom of the press, economic freedom, Human Development Index and quality of life. In 2019, it was ranked 5th in the world in the World Happiness Report, 7th in the world in GDP per capita, and 10th in the Human Development Index. In 2022, it was ranked 6th in the world in the Active Peace Index.


Since ancient times, the country has been proud to have prospered by accepting people who have been persecuted for reasons of thought and beliefs in other countries, so it can be said that its greatest feature is that it is tolerant of everything. In fact, according to the May 2019 European Union Racism Report, the Netherlands, along with Sweden, has the least discrimination against Asians in the European Union. Especially for Japan, in the case of the Tokugawa Shogunate's policy of seclusion, it was the only European country to comply with the condition of prohibiting Christian missionary activities, and brought modern European civilization to Japan in the form of Dutch studies through trade through Dejima in Nagasaki, and the Meiji Restoration. It became the cornerstone of the rapid modernization that followed. Also, unlike East Timor, which has recently achieved independence from Indonesia as a Catholic country, the spread of Islam rather than Christianity was used as a means of expanding the territory when the East India Company ruled Indonesia. Even today in 2022, a large number of migrants, both legal and illegal, live in Japan because of their ease of living compared to other European countries. For immigrants from outside the EU who have legally entered the country, the so-called "citizenization course", which is a set of Dutch language course, socialization course, and employment counseling, is held ahead of other European countries. We are also taking measures against immigration. However, Islamic extremists are growing in power among Islamic inhabitants, and assassinations of famous movie directors such as Theo van Gogh and burning of Protestant churches are becoming more frequent. As a result, antipathy toward Islamic residents has increased, and the Liberal Party, a far-right party that advocates the exclusion of Islamic immigrants, has gained power. Has come to adopt the policy of. It is said that such feelings are reflected in the rejection of the EU Constitution referendum. On the other hand, the sale, possession and use of soft drugs such as cannabis and active euthanasia have been approved and legalized along with some European countries. However, regarding soft drugs, the regulations established by the authorities