May 19, 2022

Kotobank is a website that allows you to search across dictionaries, dictionaries, and databases provided by publishers. Advertising is the source of revenue, and usage fees are free. The operator is DIGITALIO (former company name VOYAGE MARKETING), a group company of CARTA HOLDINGS, INC. At the beginning of the service in 2009, the notation was "kotobank", but now it is written in katakana.


In June 2008, Asahi Shimbun and EC Navi Co., Ltd. launched the service of "Minna no Chiezou", which is an online version of the once-published modern term encyclopedia "Chiezo". The opinion that "I want you to do it" was gathered, and with the participation of each publisher, the reconstruction as a dictionary platform that various companies can participate in was promoted. The service of "kotobank" started on April 23, 2009, operated by Asahi Shimbun and EC Navi Co., Ltd. At the time of its inauguration, it stated that it would cover a total of 430,000 items of 44 dictionaries and encyclopedias centered on those provided by Kodansha, Shogakukan, and Asahi Shimbun Publishing. At the time of its founding, there was strong cooperation with Asahi Shimbun, such as displaying news related to Asahi Shimbun's website "asahi.com" on the page. From March 2011, Asahi Shimbun and Genesix started distributing the electronic dictionary platform application "kotobank for iPhone" for iPhone. In October 2011, EC Navi, which had been operating, changed its trade name to VOYAGE GROUP Co., Ltd. On October 1, 2019, VOYAGE MARKETING Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CARTA HOLDINGS, will operate due to the corporate reorganization of VOYAGE GROUP, Inc. In April 2021, the Asahi Shimbun logo disappeared from the site and VOYAGE MARKETING was displayed independently, and the registered trademark was also transferred from Asahi Shimbun to VOYAGE MARKETING. At the same time, the link from the Asahi Shimbun website to Kotobank disappeared. In January 2022, VOYAGE MARKETING Co., Ltd., which operates the company, changed its name to DIGITALIO Co., Ltd.


When the service started in 2009, Asahi Shimbun and other operators pointed out the low reliability of information on the Internet, saying, "The reliability and quality of information, and the highest searchability in Japan. We aim to be a free glossary site. " Hiromi Onishi, general manager of the Asahi Shimbun's Digital Media Division, said, "We will build a highly reliable site." The National Diet Library Collection Bibliography Department has stated that among the items published in Kotobank, "booklets such as" Encyclopedia Mypedia "exist or succeed" "explanations of words and phrases are not for specific users but general". Can be used as a reference for work when the ordinary subject of the National Diet Library Subject Headings is newly established.


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