Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia


November 28, 2021

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Colombian Kakumeigun, Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, abbreviated as FARC) is an anti-government extreme left guerrilla warfare organization that once engaged in armed struggles in Colombia. Once the largest rebel armed organization in Latin America, its area of ​​activity has spread not only within Colombia, but also to neighboring countries such as Venezuela, Panama, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. Despite being an agricultural democratic guerrilla, the executives also included intellectuals, operating the organization's homepage (currently closed) and conducting information gathering activities. After agreeing to end the battle with the government on November 24, 2016, it was disarmed, and after 2017, it changed to a legal party with the abbreviation FARC unchanged, and was renamed to "Comunes" in 2021 (described later).


Since independence from Spain in 1819, parliamentary politics has been practiced in Colombia with a two-party system consisting of the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. The Liberal Party was based on small farmers, emerging conglomerates, city workers, etc., and the Conservative Party was based on rulers such as Catholic churches and landowners, but both parties basically have the same point of maintaining an oligarchy. Was there. Colombia rarely experiences a coup d'etat or dictatorship in Latin America, and while it is described as "the oldest democracy in the Western Hemisphere," political participation by political forces other than the two major parties has been hampered. In 1899, a civil war called the Thousand Days' War broke out due to the collapse of coffee prices. The death toll is said to have reached 100,000 nationwide. In 1948, the assassination of Jorge Eliécer Gaitan, a charismatic politician of the Liberal Party, caused a bogotazo riot, which killed 100,000 or 200,000 people in the civil war that lasted until the late 1950s. These civil wars were against the backdrop of the traditional political party conflict between the liberal and conservative parties, but when the two parties signed the "National Front" agreement, which is the government's struggle to end the civil war, an oligarchy. The farmers and the poor who were excluded from the oligarchy were dissatisfied and engaged in an armed struggle against the government. When the Cuban Revolution broke out in 1959, organizations that were strongly influenced by it also launched one after another in Colombia. FARC is one of them, and was formed on May 27, 1964. Starting from the Liberal Armed Farmers Movement, in 1966, legendary leader Manuel Marulanda became commander-in-chief. With the aim of overthrowing the oligarchy of Colombia, reforming farmland, and redistributing wealth, the aim was to establish a Marxist-Leninist socialist revolutionary government.

Expansion of power

Until the early 1980s, it was a force of 1,000 people, but from the mid-1980s it gained a large amount of military funds by forming a cooperative relationship with a drug trafficking organization and protecting cocaine cultivation areas, cocaine refineries, and cocaine smuggling routes. .. It rapidly expanded its power by equipping it with weapons with higher performance than the government army. The scale has grown rapidly since the Colombian government destroyed the drug organization in 1995, and FARC's direct involvement in cocaine trading has grown from 6,000 in 1995 to 18,000 in the 2000s. It swelled up. At one point, one-third of Colombia was under effective control, earning an estimated $ 800 million annually in taxation of coca cultivation in the territory, tax collection from residents, ransom and cocaine trading by kidnapping key persons. rice field. Foreign companies and foreigners with financial power are also targeted for crimes to form financial resources. In August 1991, two Japanese engineers from Toshiba were kidnapped at a hydroelectric power plant in Antioquia Province and released in December of the same year. 1998 9

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