July 5, 2022

"SAKANA LOCKS!" Is a corner that has been broadcast on TOKYO FM's radio program "SCHOOL OF LOCK!" (Hereinafter, SOL!) From April 2, 2012.


Broadcast started in April 2012. Sakanaction is set to teach in the "sound school room" in the SOL! School building. This class is an "ongaku" class, but it is written as "sound science" instead of "music". The slogan of the lesson is "learning sound", "learning with sound", and "learning with sound", and Yamaguchi's idea of ​​"I want students (listeners) to learn through sound" is included. April 2019-December will be broadcast in "SCHOOL OF LOCK! UNIVERSITY". With the end of the program, moved to "SCHOOL OF LOCK! FRIDAY" from January 2020. Broadcast time will be extended by about 5 minutes. From April 2021, the broadcast time has been advanced by one hour.


Answer questions about music from students written on the "fish bulletin board", which is the electronic bulletin board of the program. Give students homework about music (call for postings on the bulletin board for the theme). Explain and evaluate homework submitted in the program. Invite people around Yamaguchi who are closely related to music to the class and have a dialogue. Sakanaction's new songs are often unveiled for the first time.

Lecturer (performer)

Sakanaction Ichiro Yamaguchi appears every week as a "sound science instructor". Other members (Iwadera, Kusakari, Okazaki, Ejima) often appear as "deputy teacher's". When Yamaguchi is absent, "deputy teacher's" will give lessons.

Broadcast content

Broadcast time

Friday 22:30 --22:53 (January 7, 2022 --- present) Past broadcast time Monday 23:08 --23:25 (April 2, 2012 --March 25, 2013) Thursday 23:08 --23:25 (April 4, 2013 --March 28, 2019) Friday 23:23 --23:43 (April 5, 2019-December 27, in "SCHOOL OF LOCK! UNIVERSITY") Friday 23:27 --23:53 (January 3, 2020 --March 26, 2021) Friday 22:30 --22:53 (April 2, 2021 --October 29) Friday 18:00 (November 12, 2021-December 24, delivered on AuDee) Canceled Due to the closure of SOL! On December 31, 2012. March 6th, 2014-For the opening of "BUMP LOCKS!" On March 27th. December 31, 2015, for a shortened class of SOL !. January 7, 2016-March 31, for the opening of "KANA-BOON LOCKS!". On April 14, 2016, SOL! Was changed to a special coverage program for the Kumamoto earthquakes. June 28, 2018, for a shortened class of SOL !. Due to the closure of SOL! On May 22, 2020. November 5, 2021-November 26, for the opening of "Ado LOCKS!". December 3, 2021-December 24, for the opening of "RAD LOCKS!". For the opening of the "School Management Strategy Conference" on December 31, 2021.


On June 21, 2019, the lessons were expanded from 23:00 to 23:55. The reason was that I was planning to visit the live broadcasting class as a guest lecturer on June 18th, three days ago, and give a lesson about the album "834.194", but the Yamagata-ken-oki earthquake occurred and I could not do enough lessons. Because of that. The class of "SCHOOL OF LOCK! UNIVERSITY" scheduled to be held on that day was postponed to the next week.

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