August 8, 2022

A sandwich is a dish in which ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and eggs are sandwiched or placed on bread or the like. A typical example is a closed sandwich in which ingredients are sandwiched between bread, such as a tea sandwich, but instead of bread, it is sandwiched with ingredients that substitute for bread, such as pies and plantains in Latin America. There are also things. It is also defined broadly, including European open sandwiches and Middle Eastern pita pockets. In Japan, it is sometimes called by the abbreviation "○○ Sand" with the name of the ingredient in front. There is no clear difference between sandwiches and sandwiches, and it is just a variation in notation, but in this article, we will use "sandwich" for everything other than proper nouns and someone's remarks.


It's easy to cook, you can eat it casually, and depending on your ingenuity, it's nutritionally balanced, so it's often eaten all over the world. It does not require a dining table, cutlery (forks and knives), or chopsticks when eating, and it is convenient because it can be easily eaten by holding it by hand. In Europe and the United States, it is often made at home as a lunch (bento) to eat at work or on the go, packed in a paper bag, or brought to a picnic. There are also sandwich shops, and it is eaten as a kind of fast food. It is also sold at delicatessens in the United States and convenience stores in Japan. It is sometimes served as an ekiben on trains or as an in-flight meal on airplanes. There are various types. The type that is just put on the bread without sandwiching the ingredients is called "open sandwich". For example, there is a Danish dish called smorbrod, which is a rye bread topped with various ingredients. Roll sandwiches or roll sandwiches are made by putting thinly sliced ​​ingredients on thinly sliced ​​crustless bread and rolling it from the end into a cylindrical shape. A stick-shaped (elliptical) bread sliced ​​into two thick slices and sandwiched between ingredients is called a ``submarine sandwich (sub)'' because it looks like a submarine (subway and quiznos sub are fast foods). popularized worldwide). Also, warm (or hot) cooked items are classified as "hot sandwiches." For example, there are French croque-monsieur and those baked on both sides with special equipment. On the other hand, sandwiches made with only cold bread and ingredients are sometimes classified as "cold sandwiches". As a variation, there is also a Montecristo sandwich, which is made by sandwiching the ingredients in bread, dipping it in beaten egg, and frying it in oil. Some foods that are recognized as nationally characteristic or unique foods are classified as a type of sandwich. For example, the Italian panino is a type of sandwich. Appetizers in French cuisine are sometimes served with canapés based on white bread, which is also a kind of sandwich. Hamburgers and hot dogs, which are popular with Americans and are popular all over the world, are also a type of sandwich. The sandwich defined by Bee Wilson in the introduction to "History of Sandwiches" (translated by Maki Tsukiya from Hara Shobo), "What is a sandwich?" Yes, the above open sandwiches and canapés are not included in sandwiches. Japan