San Francisco


August 8, 2022

San Francisco City and County (English: City and County of San Francisco, kanji notation "Mulberry Port"), commonly known as San Francisco, is a city located in the northern part of California on the west coast of the United States, and is one of the largest cities in North America. world cities.


Along with Los Angeles, it is known as the economic and industrial center of California. According to a survey by a British think tank, San Francisco is one of the ten most influential financial centers in the world. San Francisco itself has a population of 805,235 (2010 census), but the population of the metropolitan area (MSA), including Oakland on the opposite bank, is 4,729,483, making it the 12th largest in the United States. The total population of the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose on the south coast, is 9,666,055, making it the sixth largest metropolitan area (Combined Statistical Area: CSA) in the United States (both from the 2010 Census). Therefore, a large-scale downtown is formed, and modern buildings are lined up. It is also close to Silicon Valley and the University of California, Berkeley, and has many computer-related companies. The climate belongs to the Mediterranean climate, and the temperature difference is relatively small throughout the year, making it a comfortable city to live in. It is also famous for its many steep slopes and for being covered in thick fog. San Francisco International Airport is about 20km south of the city center. The city has a very high reputation as a tourist destination, and is ranked among the top destinations not only for foreigners but also for Americans. Famous tourist spots include the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and Twin Peaks. The traditional cable car that runs through the city is also very popular. It was rated as the 13th largest city in the world in the 2017 global city rankings released by an American think tank. It is the fourth largest US city after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

About place names

The place was named by a Christian Franciscan friar after its founder, Saint Francis. In Chinese characters, it is written as Mulberry Port or Old Gold Mountain. Kuwako is a transliteration of ``San Francisco'', and the first letter ``kuwa'' (san) is added to indicate that it is a port town. This kanji notation is often found in the names of shops and Japanese language schools in the local Nikkei community. As an example, there is the Soto sect temple "Nihonsan Soukoji" in Japantown (Japanese town). On the other hand, the Old Gold Mine (Kankin Mine) originates from the California Gold Rush that occurred in 1849. Originally, the local Chinese called San Francisco "Golden Mountain". Later, when the gold rush occurred in areas such as Australia's Victoria state, this area came to be called the former gold mine. ('Shin Jinshan' refers to Melbourne.) In the local Chinese community, Sanhan City, which has the sound of 'Sun Fancy' in Cantonese, tends to be used more frequently than Old Jinshan, like Mangang. The name in Chinese is Sanhan City. In other parts of the United States, it is sometimes called by the initials "SF", "Frisco", and "San-Fran". In Japan, it is often called by the abbreviation of "Cisco", especially (for air travel). Locals and around the Bay Area simply affectionately call it "the city."



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