snow board


January 18, 2022

Snowboarding is a sport, where you lie down on a board like surfing or skateboarding, secure your feet with fasteners called bindings, and glide on snowy slopes. A person who snowboards is called a snowboarder. Often regarded as extreme sports.


Like surfing and skateboarding, it is a side-way stance sport. There is a regular stance with the left foot in front and a goofy stance with the right foot in front. Because it is the name of the dominant foot, people with regular stance are called switch stance instead of goofy stance even if they slide with their right foot in front. As with many right-handed hands, the percentage of regulars is higher than that of Goofy. The name "snowboard" began when the North American Snowboard Association, centered on the United States and Canada, was established and unified into the name snowboard as a new sports genre. Until the 1940s, there was a bobsled-like sport, also called "snowboarding," but it wasn't popular. In English, "snowboard" is the verb "snowboarding", so when used as a noun, it is often called "snowboarding". Also, in the 1980s, an American toy company had a trademark registration for "Snowboard", so the notation "snoboard" was often seen at that time. Originally, people enjoyed surfing and skateboarding even in the snowy mountains, but since a recreational facility called a ski resort had already been established, ski manufacturing technology was adopted to adapt to that environment. Gliding performance on snow-packed slopes has improved, and now it is common to ski on a well-maintained slope, but backcountry snowboarding on snowy mountains outside the slopes (off-piste) is also popular. Since it will be gliding outside the artificially controlled range, it is necessary to learn not only more advanced gliding technology but also safety-related knowledge such as avalanche risk management and first aid, and special equipment such as beacons. Is. Backcountry snowboarding is also called big mountain, or extreme in a narrow sense. Also, in Japan, there are many facilities where you can easily practice jumping even when you are off, where you can use a brush instead of snow to provide an environment where you can snowboard all year round. In Japan, where there are many indoor facilities made of artificial snow, there is an environment where you can enjoy snowboarding more than in other countries. Snowboarding and skiing are on the same level in terms of skiing on the snow, but they are a subordinate concept of skiing in the categories of the Olympic Games and the Ski Association of Japan (the idea that snowboarding is a type of skiing).


It is said that skateboarding on a single board was already done in the 1800s, but Tom Sims made a skateboard in 1963 in the United States, such as the "skateboard" and 1965. Snowboarding toys called "Snurfer" (a compound word of snow and surfer) made by Sherman Poppen in 1945 are said to be the origin of snowboarding that continues to the present day. It was a vehicle that had a string attached to a very small plywood board and slid straight down the slope while balancing. That �

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