Autonomous community of Spain


November 28, 2021

Spain has 50 provinces (provincia), which are grouped into 17 autonomous regions (comunidad autónoma). There are two autonomous cities (ciudad autónoma) Ceuta and Melilla in Africa. Each prefecture is composed of 8111 municipalities, which are municipalities. In some states, comarca is set up between the province and Municipio.


In Spain, the province (Province of Spain) was once a first-class administrative unit, but the Constitution of Spain introduced the autonomous community system in 1978, and between 1979 and 1983, 17 autonomous regions were sequentially formed, and in 1995, two autonomous cities. Was installed.

Recent trends

On July 27, 2010, the Begelias bill was passed by the Catalan Parliament in Catalonia with a majority in favor of the ruling party. Vegueria is a system that was in place from the Middle Ages to the enforcement of the Decreto de Nueva Planta in 1716. Currently Catalonia is divided into four provinces, but according to the Vegueria bill, it is divided into eight Vegueria, Alto Pirineu, Barcelona, ​​Khan de Tarragona, Girona, Comarques, Lleida, Tale de Rebul, Penedes is mentioned. On October 27, 2017, the Catalan State Parliament unilaterally declared Catalan independence (Republic of Catalonia (2017)). On the same day, the Spanish government dismissed all the members of the Catalan community, including the Prime Minister of Catalonia, Carlos Puccidamon, and stripped the autonomy under Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. The province of Catalunya, like Plazas de soberania, was under the direct control of the Government of Spain, and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Central Government of Soraya Saens de Santamaria embarked on direct control on behalf of the prime minister. This led to the deprivation of the autonomy of the autonomous community by the government for the first time under the Constitution of Spain in 1978. Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Bray retired on June 2, 2018, and Kim Torra became Prime Minister of the Catalan State Government on June 3, 2018, returning autonomy to the Government of Catalonia for the first time in seven months. Was done.

List of autonomous states



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