Battle of Tawahin


November 28, 2021

The Battle of Tawahin (Battle of Tawahin, Arabic: وقعة الיواحين, Latin transcription: Waqʿ at al-Ṭawāhīn) was in 885 with the Abbasid army led by Abul-Abbas (later Abbasid Caliphate Muutadido). A battle between the Tulunid forces led by Khumarawayh, who ruled Egypt and Syria. The battle took place near Ramla in modern-day Israel and ended in a Tulunid victory. In 884, when Khumarawayh succeeded Ahmad Bun Tulunid and became the ruler of the Tulunids, the Abbasid central government reclaimed control over the areas governed by Khumarawayh, and in the same year. Invaded northern Syria. In early 885, the Abbasids gained an advantage, while Khumarawayh himself led his army to prevent the Abbasids from invading Egypt. The two armies fought in the Abbasid Caliphate near Ramla, and although the Abbasid army led by Abul-Abbas initially won and sacked the Khumarawayh position, the Abbasid dynasty was subsequently attacked by the Tulunid ambush. The army was defeated and Abul-Abbas fled to Tulunids. As a result of this battle, Abbasid troops were forced to withdraw from Syria, and Tulunid rule in Syria was reestablished. The following year, Upper Mesopotamia, which is adjacent to Iraq, the home of the Abbasid dynasty, also came under the influence of the Tulunids, and finally the Abbasid dynasty was forced to conclude a treaty officially recognizing the rule of Egypt and Syria by the Abbasid dynasty. rice field.


Under the Abbasid dynasty of the 9th century, Turkic soldiers Ahmad Bun Turun (hereinafter referred to as Ibn Turun) succeeded in gaining the position of Governor of Egypt in 868. He then used Egypt's immense wealth to build his own army, taking advantage of the instability of the Abbasid central government and establishing a de facto independent government, the Tulunids, in the years that followed. rice field. However, on the one hand, he acknowledged the suzerainty of the Abbasid caliph Mutamid (reign: 870-892), who had lost his power, and centralized part of his revenue for most of his reign. I kept sending it to the government. Ibn Toulune became a strong opponent for Muwafak, a brother of Mutamid who was in control of the Abbasid government. Mwaffak attempted to recapture Egypt from Ibn Toulune in 877, but this attempt was a complete failure. The following year, Ibn Toulun extended his rule in Syria to the border with the Byzantine Empire to the north and to Raqqa in the western part of Upper Mesopotamia to the east, and came into direct contact with Iraq, the core of the Abbasid dynasty. .. The relationship between Ibn Toulun and Mwafak became even more tense as Mutamid tried to contend with each other to regain his independence and power. Mutamid tried to escape Mwafak's rule by fleeing to Ibn Toulune's territory in 882, but was captured by Upper Mesopotamia and Mosul's governor, Ishark Bun Kundage, and sent back to Iraq. .. This event led to a public disconnection between the two. Mwafak is Abba.

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