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May 19, 2022

A digital object identifier (Digital Object Identifier, abbreviated as DOI) is an identifier that is permanently given to a document on the Internet. Since the URL changes due to the relocation of the server, the older the information, the more likely it is that inconveniences such as broken links will occur. DOI avoids this by passing the DOI directory between the user and the owner of the file (such as a publisher or music distributor). DOIs are often used in the field of academic papers and are attached to articles in academic journals such as Nature and Science, and journals published by academic societies such as ACM and IEEE. In addition, DOI can be given not only in the title of the work but also in a more subdivided level. An identifier can be assigned to any page or chart for books, or for each song for CDs, so it is possible to quickly and selectively obtain the desired information. (ISBN, ISSN, CODEN, etc. are given identification numbers only by title). The DOI system was established by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and CNRI (Corporation for National Research Initiatives), and is currently operated by the International DOI Foundation.


A typical DOI is a string like this: In this example, 10.1021 is the directory identifier given by the International DOI Foundation (in this example, the American Chemical Society). The jo0349227 below the slash is an ID arbitrarily assigned by the file owner (American Chemical Society in this example). When actually searching by DOI in the browser, you can add DOI after "" (previously "" or It was "", but this is currently not recommended). The file is displayed on the system through the following process. The user enters the DOI of the file he wants. The entered DOI is sent to the DOI directory and converted to the URL of the desired file. The converted URL is transferred to the publisher's server where the file is located. The publisher's server sends the desired file to the user. If the publisher moves the file, update the corresponding URL in the DOI directory. Therefore, the user can continue to use the same DOI indefinitely.

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