Harvard University


May 20, 2022

Harvard University (English: Harvard University) is a comprehensive private university located in Cambridge, near Boston, Massachusetts, United States. One of the most traditional big threes in the Ivy League, it is the oldest university in the United States, founded in 1636 during the British colonial era. It is a prestigious school that is always at the top of various university rankings, and continues to produce leading human resources in a wide range of fields from the political and business world to academic fields. As of 2018, there are eight US presidents, 48 ​​Nobel laureates, 14 Turing awards, 48 ​​Puritzer awards, and 32 former international students as heads of state in their home countries. It has become. Known for being extremely wealthy due to huge donations from graduates and businesses and skillful investment strategies, the university base amount, which is an indicator of financial condition in the United States, was the largest in the United States in fiscal year 2018, exceeding $ 37 billion. Climb to. The number of 188 graduates who became millionaires ($ 1 billion in assets) in 2017 is also the highest among universities in the United States.


Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, but it is not clear when the university was established. This is considered the year of its founding, as the Massachusetts Bay Colonial Parliament, convened on September 18, 1636 during the British colonial era, voted to spend money on the establishment of a new "school or college." In 1639, the college's activities began in earnest based on the property and collections bequeathed by the Puritan minister John Harvard, and at the same time the name "Harvard College" came to be used. Charles W. Elliott, a graduate mathematician himself, served as president for about 40 years from 1869 to 1909, and made many bold reforms to greatly raise Harvard College's position as a research and educational institution. With the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in 1782, the college became a university. Harvard Law School was founded in 1817. As of 2018, the number of faculty members: about 2400, undergraduate students: about 6700, graduate students: about 15,000.


The university's core campus is located in Harvard Yard, Cambridge, near Boston. There are more than 60 universities in the vicinity, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has a campus about 3 km away, forming one of the leading school cities in the country. In Harvard Yard, there is a dormitory where university affairs and first-year students live, a memorial church built to pray for the death of students, and the Widener Memorial Library established by Mr. and Mrs. Weidner who lost their son in the sinking of the Titanic. There are buildings such as Sever Hall in Romanesque style architecture. Around the yard, there are a memorial hall built to pray for the dead in the Civil War, a science center that is a science education facility, and a Gantt center related to design studies. There are also permanent public facilities such as the Fogg Museum of Western Art, the Suckler Museum of Oriental Art, and the Natural History Museum, which is famous for its glass plant specimens, making it a place visited by many tourists.

Old Yard

The area around Harvard Hall (1766), Massachusetts Hall (1720), and Holden Chapel is the oldest part of Harvard University and is called the Old Yard. University Hall (1815, same as the United States Capitol, Washington, DC)