1900 Paris Olympics


May 20, 2022

The 1900 Olympic Games (1900 Olympic Games) is an Olympic Games held in Paris, France, from May 14th to October 28th, 1900. Despite Greece's efforts to claim that the Olympics are their national sport, the IOC has decided to hold the Olympics in different locations each time. In addition, since this tournament was held as an affiliated tournament of the World's Fair, the session lasted for five months. The tournament management was also confused, and it is said that the medal was given only to the athletics that Coubertin was involved in, and that the medal actually reached the athletes in 1902, two years later. There is. Nowadays, it is officially decided that only the athletics of this tournament was the Olympic Games, and it is a tournament that tells the dawn of the Olympic Games, which has a short history. The year 1900 was not a leap year but a normal year according to the Gregorian calendar, so it was the only Summer Olympic Games held in a normal year for 121 years after the event. As a result of the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to be held in 2020 (low year) being postponed to 2021 (normal year) due to the influence of the global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the only summer Olympics held in normal years Is no longer.


In the rowing pair event with a coxswain, Hermanus Brockmann, who was the cox (coxswain) of the Dutch team, was removed because he was too heavy, and as a substitute, France, which seems to be around 7 to 10 years old who happened to be in the audience seats A boy jumped in and the team won. It is estimated that the boy may be the youngest Olympic gold medalist in history as of 2021, but he disappeared from the venue after the competition without being confirmed, and the boy's accuracy. I don't even know the name, let alone the age. This fact became known in 1960 when a Dutch historian discovered a black-and-white photo of a boy with the Dutch teams Francois Antoine and Roelof Klein. As of 2016, only this one photo of the boy has been found. In 2016, the theory that the boy was not a French but a Georgian Giorgi Nikoladze (1888-1931) was submitted to the International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH), but there are some counterarguments. In shooting, a competition was held to shoot pigeons at the target (it was accused of being cruel, and it was the only competition in this competition). There were also eccentric competitions such as kite flying and fishing. While this competition officially made only athletics an Olympic competition, there is an operational contradiction because the IOC officially recognizes the victory of other competitions.


Earned medals from each country

Main Medalists

gold medal Alvin Kraenzleen (USA, Athletics Men's 60m) Alvin Kraenzlein (USA, 110m hurdles for men's athletics) Alvin Kraenzlein (USA, Athletics Men's 200m Hurdling) Alvin Kraenzleen (USA, Athletics Men's Long Jump) John Flanagan (USA, Athletics Men's Hammer Throw) Ray Ewry (USA, Athletics Men's Standing High Jump) Ray Ewry (USA, Athletics Men's Long Jump) Ray Ewry (USA, Triple Jump Men's Track and Field) Charlotte Cooper (UK, Tennis Women's Singles)-The First Modern Olympic Women's Gold Medalist Netherlands