Count Baldwin of Budley


May 20, 2022

Earl Baldwin of Bewdley is the Count of the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It begins when Stanley Baldwin, who served as prime minister, was appointed in 1937 after he retired.


Stanley Baldwin, who served as prime minister of the Conservative government three times in the early 20th century, and Shropshire Baldwin of Bewdley on June 8, 1937, after retiring from the prime minister. His eldest son, Oliver Baldwin (1899-1958), who was appointed to the Viscount Corvedale, of Corvedale in the County of Shropshire, was a member of the Labor Party's House of Commons before the attack. He was the Governor of the Leeward Islands from 1949 to 1950 after his invasion in 1948. His younger brother, Arthur Baldwin (1904–1976), succeeded to the third count after his death because his second count had no children. He was President of the Great Western Railway and then President of the Equitable Life Insurance Company from 1938 to 1974. After the death of his third count, his son Edward Baldwin (1938–2021) succeeded the fourth count. He was left behind as a member of the House of Lords in the Hereditary peers frame after the seats of hereditary peers in the House of Lords were limited to 92 seats in 1999. The First Count purchased Astley Hall in Worcestershire Astley in 1902 and kept it in his mansion until his death in 1947, but after his death it was sold and became a school. The current mansion is the Manor Farm House in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire.

Current owner's title

The current owner, Benedict Baldwin, holds the following titles: 4th Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (Peerage of the United Kingdom by the Edict of June 8, 1937) 4th Viscount Corvedale, of Corvedale in the County of Shropshire (Peerage of the United Kingdom by the Edict of June 8, 1937)

Count Baldwin of Budley (1937)

First Count Baldwin Stanley Baldwin (1867–1947) 2nd Count of Baldwin Oliver Ridsdale Baldwin, 1899–1958)-His eldest son 3rd Count of Baldwin Arthur Windham Baldwin (1904-1976)-Brother of his predecessor Edward Alfred Alexander Baldwin (1938-2021)-his predecessor son 5th Count Benedict Alexander Stanley Baldwin (1973-)-Son of his predecessor The presumed heir is James Conrad Baldwin (1976-), the younger brother of the current owner.