Fruit sandwich


August 8, 2022

A fruit sandwich is a type of sandwich in which fruit is sandwiched between cream and bread. It is said to have originated in Japan.


A fruit sandwich is a type of sandwich in which fruit is sandwiched between cream and bread, and there are triangular and square types. The triangular fruit sandwiches are said to be "easy to eat" and "you can see the beauty of the cut fruit", while the square fruit sandwiches are said to be "unique" and "luxury and can be used as a gift". (However, the latter is also evaluated as “easy to eat”). There are also trapezoidal fruit sandwiches and hot dog-shaped fruit sandwiches. There are various opinions as to whether fruit sandwiches are considered sweets or sandwiches. Kanae Nagai said, ``It's not a cake, it's a bit different from the usual sandwiches.'' Masataka Matsutoya also said, ``I love fruit sandwiches. But I had a hard time deciding whether to look at it as a sandwich or a cake." Also, in the July 2021 issue of "ELLE JAPON", "Fruit sandwiches and Maritozzo, which are becoming a big boom, are exactly the best of sweets and bread!" It is described as a ``100% dessert sandwich''.


Fruit sandwiches are made up of bread, cream, and fruit, but the thickness of the bread, the sweetness of the cream, and the way the fruit is sliced ​​make for a completely different flavor.


Bread is mainly used for fruit sandwiches. Regarding the thickness of bread used for fruit sandwiches, Yasuko Shimosato says that 8 to 10 slices are the mainstream, but Hiroshi Homura says, It shouldn't have a strong presence.It's just a role like a cushion that gently envelops you.Therefore, it's best to cut 10 to 12 slices for sandwiches, preferably soft ones that are baked on the same day!" In addition, "Fruit Parlor Goto" also slices the bread thinly so that the ingredients are easy to mix. Some stores, such as Akatonbo and Sembikiya Sohonten, offer breads exclusively for fruit sandwiches, while THE Tokyo Fruits specializes in breads that are longer and narrower than usual. The bread is custom-made, so elastic that it can be sandwiched without difficulty. In addition, there are stores that make fruit sandwiches using bread other than white bread, such as raisin bread, bagels, croissants, coppé bread, gateau chocolate, castella, and baumkuchen.


Buttercream and fresh cream are used for fruit sandwiches. Cream may be blended with mascarpone cheese, custard, cane sugar, or rum, but there are also fruit sandwiches that do not use cream. Yogurt, strained bean paste, condensed milk, honey, mayonnaise, pudding, and chocolate are sometimes used along with cream. Hard cream is used for fruit sandwiches. "Hot cake parlor Fru-Full" has the finished fruit sandwich left in the refrigerator for about an hour in order to make the cream moderately hard and have a good compatibility with the bread. Stiff so that it fits properly between