Battle of Plassey


July 5, 2022

The Battle of Plassey (Battle of Plassey, Bengal: পলাশীর যুদ্ধ, English: Battle of Plassey) took place on June 23, 1757, in the village of Palasi in the Bengal region of India, with the army of the British East India Company. The battle between the Palasi of the Empire) and the Allied Forces of the sponsoring French East India Company. This battle was also related to the Seven Years' War and was one of the battles over the colonies between England and France. In addition, with this battle as an opportunity, Bengal Taisho became subordinate to England and gradually became puppet.


In June 1756, Bengal Nawabs of Bengal Siraj Uddaura attacked Fort William in Calcutta, dissatisfied with Britain's response to tariff issues and fortification. Prior to that, the French and Indian War broke out in 1754, and France refused to rescue Calcutta on May 17, 1756, when Britain declared war on France in India. The attack occupies Fort William and causes a black hole in which many British prisoners of war die in prison. Siraj Uddaura made a name for himself in his victory in Calcutta, but his clan had a secret over the Nawabs of Bengal, and military commander Mir Jafar was in secret contact with Britain. Also, the arrogant attitude of the Taishou struck a chord with his vassals, and with the addition of those who disliked him, the plot was further inflated. In December of the same year, Robert Clive arrived from Madras, regained Calcutta in January 1757, and defeated the Taishou army in February at Hoogley. At this time, Mir Jafar, who had a secret relationship with England, recommended peace to Sirage Uddara, who also responded. However, when Britain dropped its French base Chandannagar in March, Siraj Uddaura congratulated Britain, but refused to hand over the French who had fled under the taishou, creating a conflict. rice field. Meanwhile, Britain continues to communicate with Mir Jafar, and on June 4th, non-cooperation with Siraj Uddaura, compensation for the attack on Calcutta, and the land to South Karlpie in Calcutta will be placed in Zamin Darley, England. I promised him a defensive position on the condition that. Siraj Uddaura was worried about the plot against himself and went to the mansion to confirm with Mir Jafar, and as his suspicions cleared, he went to Plussy north of Calcutta to meet the British troops. I went to.


On June 23, 1757, British soldier Robert Clive led an army of the East Indian Company and engaged Siraj Uddaura, a Bengal guard who had teamed up with French forces, in the northern plush of Calcutta. The battle began around 07:00, when it was extremely hot and damp, with the bombardment of Bengal Taisho. The British East India Company army, led by Robert Clive, had only 950 European soldiers, 2,100 Indian mercenaries (Sipahhee), nine guns, and 100 artillery. On the other hand, Siraj Uddaura, a Bengal taishou who had been allied with the French East India Company, fought with 53 guns including 62,000 walking and cavalry forces and heavy guns operated by 40 French soldiers. Was facing. However, the majority of Bengal's troops are 35,000 infantry and 15,000.