Lee Harvey Oswald


November 28, 2021

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939-November 24, 1963) is the alleged perpetrator of the assassination of President Kennedy of the United States. He also used the alias Alek J. Hidell or he was O.H. Lee. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Assassinated by Jack Ruby shortly after his arrest.



Born and raised in New Orleans. His father died before Oswald was born, and his uncle Charles Mallet (also known as Dats) had seen his childhood and adolescent life. Mallet was also a member of Carlos Marcello's organization. Raised by his mother with his brother, his grades are average. His childhood liked spy dramas. He has experience of refusing to attend school. When his brother Robert joined the Marine Corps, Oswald was on a civil air patrol (en: Civil Air Patrol, CAP). He started subscribing to Russian newspapers around this time.


Oswald, who joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17, specialized in studying Russian as part of his official duties. From 1957 to 1958, he worked at the Atsugi base in Japan (Naval Air Facility Atsugi) and served as an air traffic controller. At that time, his monthly salary was less than $ 85. According to the military hospital, he suffered from a sexually transmitted disease "as part of his job." Around this time, he was accused of murdering a colleague and was convicted by a court martial on charges of illegal possession and firing of a gun. At the time of asylum to the Soviet Union, which will be described later, we provided the Soviet authorities with confidential information on the Rocky'U2 reconnaissance aircraft obtained while working at Atsugi base, and based on this information, conducted a reconnaissance flight over Soviet Union on May 1, 1960. There is a theory that the same type of aircraft that had been shot down may have been shot down (U-2 shot down case).

"Shooting Master" theory

The US Marine Corps is qualified as an expert, a sharpshooter, and a marksman. Oswald barely surpassed the score required to qualify as his first-class archer in December 1956 while in the Marine Corps. However, in May 1959, he managed to clear the score required to qualify as a second-class shooter, but far from the score required to qualify as a first-class shooter. As a result, some skeptics question the theory that Oswald used a rifle to accurately and quickly sniper Kennedy moving from the position he testified. At the time of Kennedy's sniper, Oswald allegedly used a 4x18 Magnification Japanese scope that was purchased online at the same time for his own Manricher-Carcano rifle (a rifle that is a variation of the Italian Carcano M1938). This gun has been successful in experiments by sniper experts, but Oswald cannot determine if it was possible.

Asylum to the Soviet Union

Oswald, who was learning Russian while working at Atsugi base, traveled to the Soviet Union in 1959 after his discharge and went into exile. He was suspected of being an American spy and attempted suicide to avoid being expelled. Soviet officials then allowed Oswald to live in Minsk. He worked at a television factory and married a Soviet female Marina (formerly Marina Nikolajefna Prusakova). He was born with June Lee Oswald (born February 15, 1962) and Audrey Marina Rachel Oswald (born October 20, 1963) with Marina.

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