Band (music)


July 5, 2022

A band (English: band) or orchestra (gakudan) is a group that plays music.


When we simply say "band", we often refer to popular music such as jazz and rock, but in a broad sense, it doesn't matter what genre it is. However, orchestras are often distinguished from bands. The difference seems to be whether or not you are using electronic musical instruments, electric guitars, or drum sets. There is an orchestra as a translation. However, when it is called an orchestra, it also includes an orchestra (orchestra), and in particular, it often refers to an orchestra or brass band. In this case, the electronic musical instrument, guitar, and drum set are not added to the part. Usually refers to a group of instrumental players, but very rarely it is used for vocal groups. Words that can be used not only by musical instrument players are units and groups. The English word "band" means not only a music band but also a group (such as "Band of Brothers").


By genre

Rock band

A band mainly aimed at playing rock. Generally, it is composed of 3 to 5 members or more (sometimes 2 members), and the composition of musical instruments is also diverse, but it is generally classified as follows. In the absence of full-time vocals, it is often the case that one or several of the members also serve as vocals.

3 people

Guitar trio The composition of guitarist + bassist + drummer. The basic organization of a rock band. Sometimes called a three-piece. Cream / Jimi Hendrix Experience / GREAT3 / Police / Nirvana / Rush Keyboard trio Keyboardist + bassist + drummer composition. A three-piece that puts a keyboard instead of a guitar. Of course, it's no longer a guitar rock band. Emerson Lake & Palmer / Ben Folds Five / UK

4 people

Guitar trio + vocals A four-person type with three pieces and vocals individually. Another basic type of rock band that can be dedicated to the part in charge individually. Van Halen / The Who / Led Zeppelin / The Smiths / Stone Roses / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Blur Guitar trio + guitar A type that can hold two guitars. Compared to the three-piece type, the vocals are less likely to be staged in a flashy manner, but the two guitars add thickness to the sound. The Beatles / The Ventures / The Clash / Pixies / My Bloody Valentine / Green Day Guitar Trio + Keyboard A type to insert a keyboard. Similarly, the sound is thicker than the three-piece. Asia / Queen / Pink Floyd / UK

5 people

Guitar trio + vocals + guitar There are two guitars, and a five-member group dedicated to vocals. Since there are many parts and vocals are also dedicated, the performance itself is relatively easy although there are many people. The Yardbirds / Rolling Stones / Aerosmith / AC / DC / Judas Priest / Guns N'Roses / Strokes Guitar trio + vocals + keyboard The guitar trio will have more dedicated vocals and keyboards. Everyone is in charge of another part and is dedicated.