January 18, 2022

Rome (Italy / Luo: Roma, England / France: Rome) is the capital of Italy. It is one of the world's leading cities in Europe, the capital of Lazio, and the capital of the capital city of Rome.


It is the capital of Italy and the center of politics, economy, culture and religion. Surrounded by the city is the Vatican City, where the Pope resides, which is the center of Catholics around the world and is now a foreign country, but is closely related to the Roman city area in history, religion and culture. There is a relationship. And there is a saying that "Rome is not made in a day", which expresses the great power of Rome in the past. In addition, the Palazzo Malta, the headquarters of the Knights of Malta, which has no territory, is located on Via Condotti 68, and extraterritoriality is granted. With a population of about 2.86 million as of 2019, it is the most populous city in Italy. The population of urban areas in 2010 was 2.71 million, ranking 128th in the world. Since it was once the capital of the Roman Empire, it is one of the representative cities of Western civilization, the center of the Catholic Church, and also called the "Eternal City" because of its beauty. In 2014, it was ranked as the 32nd largest city in the world in the comprehensive world city ranking for business, human resources, culture, politics, etc. published by the American think tank, and it was the 1st largest city in Italy. rice field. As a tourist city, it was visited by 7,800,000 tourists in 2012. See also "Sightseeing" and "As a Sanctuary" below.


The word "SPQR" on the shield-shaped coat of arms of the city of Rome is the Latin abbreviation for "Senate and Roman citizens" and was carved into public objects everywhere in the territory during the Roman Empire. Even now, it is used for the remains of the Roman Empire and the buildings of that time that remain in Rome, as well as for the shield-shaped emblem of the present Rome, so it can be used for buses, taxis, and manhole covers that run in Rome. Also has a coat of arms.



The capital of Italy, located about 25 km from the mouth of the Tiber River in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the capital of Lazio and the capital of Rome. Legend has it that Rome was built in 753 BC on Palatine Hill, one of the "Seven Hills of Rome" on the eastern bank of the Tiber. The seven hills were Palatine Hill, Aventino, Capitolino, Quirinale, Viminal Hill, Esquiline Hill, and Cherio Hill. However, archaeologically, it is proved that people had already settled in 1000 BC. The historic district is surprisingly small, most of it on the eastern bank of the Tiber. Most of Rome's past glorious monuments are located in this area.



Rome is one of the comunes in Italy and has the largest city size and population. The mayor and city council control the comune, and the city hall is located in Campidoglio, the historic capital of Rome. Also, from the name of the place where the city hall is located, the Roman city administration is usually called "Campidoglio".

Administrative divisions

In the administrative division, it is divided into 19 areas called Municipio. This division was created with the aim of decentralizing the concentration in the center, and each Municipio is run by the mayor of the ward and four members elected every five years. This administrative division may cross the boundaries of traditional non-administrative areas. This historic division, Rione, is divided into 22 areas.

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