Chinese mythology


November 28, 2021

Chinese mythology is a myth that has been handed down in China. It is mainly transmitted to the Han Chinese, but also includes legends of other ethnic minorities.


The era of creation Pangu Nu Wa Fuxi Zhuanxu The Age of the Yellow Emperor and the Flame Emperor Shennong (Flame Emperor) Chiyou Huang Emperor Cangjie The era of 堯舜 Emperor Yao Four perils (Atsushi Taotie, Taotie, Taowu) Four sins (Gonggong, Taotie, Sanmiao) The era of Yu the Great Great Flood Evil beasts defeated by Hou Yi (窫 kiln, chisel, nine 嬰, wind, snake, seal) Xiangliu Shinsen Queen Mother of the West Zhurong others The Cowherd and the Weaver Chang'e Tenjo Sanka Seiei Kakai 36 overseas countries

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Sankaikyo Huainanzi

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