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August 8, 2022

Chokusenwakashu is a collection of poems compiled by order of the emperor or retired emperor. Starting with the Kokin Wakashu (Completed in 905) and ending with the Shinzoku Kokin Wakashu (Completed in 1439), 21 imperial collections of waka were compiled in 534 years. It is collectively called "Ichidaishu". In addition to this, "Shinba Wakashu" compiled in the Southern Court is considered to be a quasi-imperial anthology. In addition, it is roughly divided into 'Yatsudaishu' (from 'Kokinshu' to 'Shin Kokinshu') and 'Jusandaishu' (from 'Shinchokusenshu' to 'Shinzoku Kokinshu') depending on when it was edited. Among them, the first three collections are especially called 'Sandaishu' ('Kokinshu', 'Gosenshu', and 'Shuishu'). Emperor Gomizunoo commissioned 'Ruidai Wakashu' and Emperor Reigen commissioned 'New Ruidai Wakashu', but they are not included in the 21st collection of waka or general imperial anthologies.


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