human rights organization


August 8, 2022

Human rights groups are organizations that aim to protect the human rights of people who believe that their basic human rights have been trampled under special circumstances. Political beliefs, health, family separation, poverty, health care, the elderly, and support for victims of spousal violence. Famous ones include Amnesty International, Japan National Relief Association, Relief Liaison Center, various organizations that support defendants who claim false accusations, support for people with congenital disabilities, and abductions to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. There are relief groups for victims, Japanese orphans remaining in China (including those remaining in Karafuto) and women. Bar associations also have the same characteristics as human rights organizations, such as making recommendations for human rights relief on various human rights issues. Among national institutions, the Human Rights Bureau of the Ministry of Justice is tasked with protecting human rights by raising awareness about human rights, investigating cases of human rights violations by complaints or ex officio, issuing recommendations and filing criminal charges.

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List of Human Rights Organizations in Japan

Amnesty International Japan Access - Society for Global Citizens Aiming for an Inclusive Society Nishida Human Rights Declaration HIV and Human Rights Information Center