Shigaraki Kogen Railway Train Collision Accident


May 20, 2022

The Shigaraki Kogen Railway train collision accident (both Shigaraki Kogen Tetsudo Ressho and Tsujiko, Shigaraki Kogen Railway accident, and Shigaraki train accident) occurred on May 14, 1991 at the Shigaraki Kogen Railway. The train collision accident that occurred. Forty-two people were killed and 614 were injured.

Accident summary

Around 10:35 on May 14, 1991, Shigaraki-cho, Shigaraki-gun (currently Shigaraki-cho, Koka-shi) Kise's Shigaraki Kogen Railway Shigaraki Line, Onoya Signal Station-Departure from Shigaraki Station between Shigarakigushi Station Uphill ordinary train bound for Kibukawa Station (SKR200 type 4-car train) and West Japan Passenger Railway (JR West Japan) direct downbound temporary rapid train "World Ceramics Festival Shigaraki" (Kiha 58 series 3 cars) bound for Kyoto Station Shigaraki Station (Organization) collided head-on. The Kiha 58 type of the leading car has the front part crushed and almost 1/3 of the total length bends upward, and the SKR200 type has the leading car sandwiched between the second car and the Kiha 58 type so that the original shape can not be retained. Was crushed by. A total of 42 people were killed, including 30 passengers on the JR West side and 12 passengers on the Shigaraki Kohgen Railway side (including 4 drivers and accompanying employees), and 614 people, including the driver of the direct down train, were seriously injured. It was a catastrophe. The temporary rapid train that collided was overcrowded with passengers (about 2.8 times the capacity), so the human damage was extremely large.


At that time, "World Ceramics Festival Ceramic World Shigaraki '91" was held from April 20 in Shigaraki Town along the railway line, and the Shigaraki Kogen Railway far exceeded the line capacity (about 20,000 people at the peak). / Sun) was chased. The World Ceramics Festival was well received, attracting far more visitors than the organizer expected of 350,000, and reached 500,000 on May 11th after Golden Week. rice field. In holding the "World Ceramics Festival Ceramic World Shigaraki '91", the executive committee tried to cover about 90,000 people, 25% of the expected number of visitors for the 37 days of the session, by rail transportation. The executive committee was in 1990 because the transportation capacity of the Shigaraki Kohgen Railway was insufficient (the average number of passengers before the session was less than 2,000 / day) compared to the estimated peak transport capacity of about 9,000 / day during the period. In March, under the name of the Governor of Shiga Prefecture, we requested cooperation from both Shigaraki Kohgen Railway and JR West. In response to this, Shigaraki Kohgen Railway carried out a major renovation of the old equipment for about 200 million yen, set up an Onotani signal ground in the middle part of the line, and almost doubled the number of trains in operation. Since the Onotani Signal Ground is operated unmanned, Shigaraki Kohgen Railway changed the block system from a ticket block system to a special automatic block system, and at the same time, automatic course control that automatically sets the signal and turnout according to the progress of the vehicle. The device was also installed. Also, in terms of equipment, visitors could not carry at all with the old equipment that could not be crossed on a single track, so we signed an agreement to rent both JR vehicles and drivers together with the equipment repair. However, the fact that the CTC was not installed and the operation of the signal and turnout was determined only by the operation of the train was the distant cause of the unauthorized installation of the direction-priority lever by JR West, which will be described later.

Wiring diagram of Shigaraki line

The wiring diagram of Shigaraki Line and Kibukawa Station at the time of the accident is shown. Note that train exchange on the Shigaraki Line can only be done at the Onotani Signal Ground, and there is only one arrival and departure line for the Shigaraki Kogen Railway at Kibukawa Station, and there is no shunting line for the Kusatsu Line. (Parts not mentioned in the text, such as lateral lines, are omitted. Since all intermediate stations are one-sided, one-line stops, the description is limited to the existence of the station.)

Shigaraki Line Signal System

The Shigaraki line at the time of the accident was blocked Kibukawa Station-(single track)