Hokuetsu Express


November 28, 2021

Hokuetsu Express Co., Ltd. is a third-sector railway company that operates the Hokuhoku Line in Niigata Prefecture. The head office is located at 2902-1, Muikamachi, Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture.


It was established on August 30, 1984 (Showa 59) to undertake the construction of the Hokuhoku North Line, which had been suspended due to the Japanese National Railways Reconstruction Law. This Hokuhoku North Line was expected to be a non-electrified local local line, but it was originally constructed with high standards assuming the operation of excellent trains, so it was built on May 31, 1989. The plan for electrification and speeding up was changed, and it opened as Hokuhoku Line on March 22, 1997. It took 13 years from the establishment of the company to the opening of the company, but this was due to the delay in construction work such as the Nabetachiyama Tunnel and the implementation of high-speed construction. Since the opening of the business, the limited express "Hakutaka", which has been responsible for wide-area transportation between Tokyo and Hokuriku, has passed through until 2014, resulting in a surplus of several hundred million yen every year except for the first year, which was only open for 10 days. As for the rate of return, the operating ratio in 2001 was 73.0%, maintaining the top position of the third sector railway. However, when the limited express "Hakutaka" was abolished due to the extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanazawa, 90% of the total profit was originally from the limited express, and the profit of the regular train was less than 10% of the total, so it was in the red after FY2015. Has fallen to. However, it has accumulated past profits in anticipation of falling into the red from the beginning of its opening, and even in the fiscal year ending March 2019, four years after the abolition of "Hakutaka," its net assets still amount to approximately 11.2 billion yen. Most of its net assets are about 9.3 billion yen as securities such as bonds, and interest income of about 180 million yen (fiscal year ending March 2019) is raised by asset management as a qualified institutional investor, and the deficit narrows. Contributes to. Currently, we mainly carry out regional transportation as a community-based local line, but we also use express trains that utilize high-standard routes such as the super-fast "Snow Rabbit" operation, and theater trains such as "Yumezora". We are actively attracting customers by event trains.


August 30, 1984-Established a company. March 7, 1995-The Nabetachiyama Tunnel, which was the biggest obstacle to opening, was completed. March 22, 1997-Hokuhoku Line Muikamachi-Opened between Saigata. Started operation of the limited express "Hakutaka" via the same line, and started mutual direct operation with the JR line. October 23, 2004-Damaged by the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake. Stop driving on all lines. In addition, land subsidence occurred intensively on the Tokamachi tunnel on the Hokuhoku line in Tokamachi city. October 26-Saigata-Resumed operation between Matsudai. November 2-Resumed operation on all lines. November 2014-Notify qualified institutional investors to the Financial Services Agency. March 14, 2015 --Hokuriku Shinkansen Nagano --With the opening of the Kanazawa section, the limited express "Hakutaka" has been discontinued, and the super-fast "Snow Rabbit" is newly used as the best system using the HK100 series. Driving, one round trip is to get on the Echigo Tokimeki Railway Myoko Haneuma Line. The JR line has been changed to a one-way train from the Hokuetsu Express, and the Echigo Tokimeki Railway has a one-way train. May 2016-Registered as a travel agency (Niigata Prefecture Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 2-403).


Hokuhoku Line Muikamachi Station-Saigata Station 59.5km


Existing vehicle

HK100 type (0 series, 100 series)

Past vehicles

681 series 2000 series-For the limited express "Hakutaka", it was nicknamed Snow Rabbit Express. West Japan Railway Company

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