January 18, 2022

Ebisu-ko is a festival or private event that is mainly held from October 20th to November 20th. It may be held on or before or after January 10th or January 15th as Ebisu on the 10th. Autumn season word. The origins of Tori No Ichi, which are held at Washi Shrines in various parts of Japan such as Otori Grand Shrine, are different and have nothing to do with it.


Ebisu God (Ebisu, Ebisu, Ebisu, Ebisu), who was said to be an "absent god" who did not go to Izumo in Kannazuki (October of the lunar calendar) Pray for fertility, big catch, or prosperous business. Depending on the region and shrines and temples, it may be held on October 20th of the lunar calendar, twice in autumn and spring (January 20th), or on January 10th or January 15th and before and after the 10th Ebisu. Sometimes I do it. Also known as the Ebisu Festival and Ebe-san. It is held not only at Ebisu Shrine, whose main deity is Ebisu, but also at shrines and temples enshrined as Setsumatsusha. It is one of the lectures, and it has the meaning of a religious association where fishermen and merchants perform rituals in a group, but the Ebisu lecture also has the meaning of rituals in each family. In eastern Japan, the meaning of domestic rituals is strong, and in eastern Japan, the tendency to worship not only as a god of commercial fishing but also as a god of agriculture is more remarkable than in western Japan. Depending on the region, the Ebisu class in January may be called the merchant Ebisu, and the October Ebisu may be called the peasant Ebisu. Commercial workers and commercial groups sometimes offer bargain sales in conjunction with the Ebisu-ko, and in recent years, there are areas where Ebisu-ko is held as an event called this bargain event / commercial festival. On the day of Ebisu-ko, a market will be set up and vegetables such as fish and root vegetables will be sold. In addition, Fukusasa or rakes decorated with many lucky charms will be sold. This lucky charm is given by the shrine and is also called "Kichicho".

Main shrines and temples where Ebisu-ko is held

Tochigi Prefecture-Nishinomiya Shrine, Futahashira Shrine (Ashikaga City), Nishinomiya Shrine (Sano City), Shinmeigu Shrine (Tochigi City) Gunma Prefecture --Kiryu Nishimiya Shrine (Kiryu City), Nagara Shrine (Tatebayashi City), Nishimiya Shrine (Oizumi Town, Ora District) Tokyo-Takaradaebisu Shrine (Chuo-ku "Betara City"), Suginomori Shrine (Chuo-ku "Betara City"), Ebisu Shrine (Shibuya Ward "Betara City") Kanagawa Prefecture-Hiratsuka Mishima Shrine (Hiratsuka City) Ishikawa Prefecture-Wajima Mae Shrine (Wajima City) Fukui Prefecture-Keya Kurotatsu Shrine (Fukui City), Ebisu Shrine (Wakasa Town, Mikatakaminaka District) Nagano Prefecture-Nishimiya Shrine (Nagano City) Shizuoka Prefecture-Nishimiya Shrine (Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City, Yaizu City) Aichi Prefecture-Atsuta Jingu (Nagoya City) Shiga Prefecture-Toyokuni Shrine (Nagahama City) Kyoto Prefecture-Kyoto Ebisu Shrine, Yasaka Shrine (Kyoto City), Chionji Temple (Miyazu City) Osaka Prefecture-Imamiya Ei Shrine, Horikawa Ei Shrine, Osaka Tenmangu, Noda Emisu Shrine, Kozu Shrine (Osaka City), Hattori Tenjingu (Toyonaka City), Ishizu Tai Shrine, Ishizu Shrine, Sugawara Shrine / Sakai Shrine (Sakai City), Fuse Ei Shrine (Higashi Osaka City), Sumiyoshi Shrine (Neya Kawae Shrine) (Neyagawa City), Kuremono Shrine (Ikeda City), Nagano Shrine (Kawachi Nagano City) Hyogo Prefecture-Nishinomiya Shrine, Koshikiiwa Shrine (Nishimiya City), Yanagihara Ebisu Shrine, Fukukaiji Temple (Yanagihara Daikoku), Nagata Shrine, Kai Shrine (Kobe City), Shooting Soldier Shrine (Himeji City) Hiroshima Prefecture-Ebisu Shrine (Hiroshima City) Ehime Prefecture-Ozu Shrine (Ozu City) Fukuoka Prefecture-Tokaebisu Shrine (Fukuoka City), Wakamatsu Ebisu Shrine (Kitakyushu City) . .

Ebisu-ko in each area

Ashikaga Ebisu Ko It is held at Nishimiya Shrine in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture. November 19th is the evening festival and the next 20th is the main festival. Lucky items are sold at food stalls. Kagura is dedicated. Kiryu Ebisu Lecture It is held at Kiryunishinomiya Shrine in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. November 19th

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